Friday, 29 May 2015

The talking scale

Friday is food shopping day in my house
During the week we leave a note pad and pen on the table
So we can write down things that we need 
As you know 
I live with my mum and my sister 
And we all have different things that we like
So our shopping list can be quite eclectic 

We have a kitty
So each week we all contribute
Depending on our own budget
It works well for us 
I think I've said before 
That my sister is an amazing cook
So we've all been eating like queens since she came home last summer
And I have picked up a lot of handy tips from her too

In a Friday morning 
Two out of the the three of us usually go shopping
My sister is doing a cookery course today
So my mum and I went to do the food shopping
Lea and Honey always come too
And we bring them for a run on the beach first 
And then head to the shops

We go to two supermarkets
First we go to Lidl
Lidl is a German shop that sells food a lot cheaper
So we pick up bread and veg and such there
Then we head over to the second supermarket
Which is on the expensive side
But it has all our favourite brands so we always go there

So we were in Lidl this morning
Every week they have a special offer on
And today it seemed to be health products
So they had a blood pressure machine
Various exercise equipment 
Work out clothes
But one specific item caught my eye
A speaking scale no less
When I saw it 
I had to take a closer look
Were my eyes deceiving me?
It was in fact a talking scale
The horror of it all washed over me 
I don't think I've ever in all my years weighing seen a talking scale
I can't think of anything worse
Let me explain why

I don't know about you 
But for me
Weighing is a very private and personal thing
I do it only in the privacy of my own bedroom
With the door locked
Preferably in the morning 
When I know there's no one around
The only other people I have let weigh me were doctors and of course Mary
Oh yes
It's very few people that I let weigh me
That number is just so personal 
I know I give the number too much power
But I don't think it's an ED not to let people know your exact weight
I'd say most women
And a lot of men
Like to keep their weight to themselves 

So the thought of a speaking scale?
Oh my God
It doesn't bear thinking about 
A scale that says your weight out loud
For all and sundry to hear?
No thank you very much
It's safe to say that I won't be investing in one of these

While I was in the shop
I noticed quite a lot of interest in the scales
I guess maybe a lot of people hadn't seen one before 
But Jesus H Christ
It's hard enough having to look at the number
Never mind have the thing speak it to you
I can't think of any thing worse

Here it is...

I was wondering
Am I alone in this?
What do you think of the talking scale?
Yay or nay?


  1. You are 100% right NAY! I have a ritual where I strip place my scales in an exact tiling positing on my bathroom close my eyes and THEN step on if it spoke to me I think I'd have a nervous breakdown. No kidding.

    1. I know right?
      That's just a step too far
      Who wants their weight broadcasted everywhere
      Not me that's for sure x

  2. Wow no way, not for me.

    I understand it being marketed to a specific audience though, like blind people, or people with limited vision, but no way for anyone with an ED. It would just be too damaging.

    I hope you are having a good day my dear <3

    Mandy xx

    1. Yes I thought that too Mandy
      It must be for visually impaired
      But gosh
      It's still the worst thing I can think of

      I am hun
      Hope you are too x

  3. my stepdad had one of these years ago as he was blind, it had a very loud german accent and sounded cross, also said how much you gained!made me cry xxjo
    is it just me or do you take your jewellery off to weigh? on tv they keep shoes on! terrifying

    1. Yes I take everything off
      Even the hair tie out of my hair!
      Makes no sense but still do it x

    2. LOL jo
      An angry German telling me off for weight gain.....


    3. yes! my stepdad was from germany, hence the scale, he never got angry, but i was quite young and it terrified me,i can still hear it now every time i get on the scale!

  4. Replies
    1. I agree Annie
      Down with that sort of thing

      (Father Ted) x

  5. When I saw the post title, I thought you'd bought one, and thought "oh god, I can't imagine anything worse". I'm glad to hear that isn't the case! I think I've actually heard of them before as being useful for those who are unable to see the number though, which makes sense (or as Mandy said, for the visually impaired).

    It was a huge step to let my dietician weigh me, which is why it hurt so much when she screwed me over. Before that, I haven't been weighed by someone else since I was like 12. I'd rather tell the doctor what I weighed that morning than get on their scales (for some reason that was easier), and I think it's how things are going to be again from now on.


    1. no Bells
      It's definitely not for me
      And it seems that most people agree
      Granted they have their place for people with vision problems
      But for us ED girls
      Thanks but no thanks x

  6. Reprogramming that thing would take hard work, but I would find a way. I would have it rigged with some choice quotes from Gordon Ramsay's kitchen show, so I could listen to it hurling insults at everyone else in the house but me, because I refuse to weigh myself, and am also an asshole.

    1. (Mum and Lil Sis do not struggle with ED's, so such a prank wouldn't really damage psychologically. At least no more damage than any of my previous evil pranks on Lil Sis....)

    2. HAHA I just had a laughing fit imagining someone stepping on the scale and it shouting out at them " this chicken is FUCKING RAW" XDD


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