Thursday, 28 May 2015

Eagles Rock

I live in a valley 
Between two mountains
It's really quite spectacular here
But I guess I am looking at it everyday
So I don't always appreciate it

There is part of the mountain near my house called Eagles Rock
Which is popular with hikers and climbers
On Sunday we went down to check it out
We weren't really prepared to do the full walk
So we just walked a little
And decided we would do it properly next week
When my brother and his girlfriend are here
And we can all do it together

So here are some photos
And by the way 
Please tell me if you think I am too tanned
My family tell me that I am
But I want to continue tanning
So I was wondering what you think
And be brutally honest
I'm a big girl 
I can handle it....


  1. My thoughts...

    What a beautiful place! The pictures probably don't do it justice! Getting out into natural beauty is always good!

    You look lovely... Yes, you do look tanned, and you look lovely. I'd be a bit alarmed if you carried ON tanning (you don't need to be any browner... It might look a bit... abnormal if you continued...)

    It's really good that you have the challenge of Eagle's Rock ahead! Look forward to reading about it!

    Much love


    1. That is the general consensus WS
      That I am brown enough
      So I guess I will maintain it
      To be honest having a colour is the only thing that gets me through the summer season what with having to get arms and legs out in the good weather
      And having to wear less clothes
      Some how it's easier to be brown

      I will post about the walk proper soon

      Good to hear from you
      Hope you're doing ok? X

  2. I don't think you look too tanned, but you do live in Ireland and so by Irish standards you're practically black. If you like it, keep tanning. Just make sure you're also taking care of your skin too. Are the tanning beds better than UV rays from the sun? I've never been to one, as I am your total opposite. I love being super pale. Weirdly, I don't need much sunscreen. If I go sit on the beach for a few hours without it I don't burn or tan. The sun just bounces off me. :/

    Ooooooohhh the spray-painted sheep!! Makes me miss the better bits of my childhood.

    It's so pretty there and WTF IS THAT A BEAR on the visitor's info thingy?!? We get bears now?!

    Good luck with the proper walk up Eagle's Rock!! I tried climbing one of the mountains in Keel and almost died from exhaustion before I got even a quarter of the way up. The castle at the top looked much closer.....

    1. He he you are right Mich
      By Irish standards I am so dark
      Everyone keeps asking me if I've been away

      Yes apparently bear remains were found there years ago
      Strange I know

      Mich are you Irish?
      Or do you live in Ireland?
      If so where abouts do you live?
      Email me if you would rather not say here
      I rarely meet any other Irish bloggers so excited if you do live here...... X

    2. Most of my family is there, in Achill and Craughwell. I used to spend almost half the year in Achill up until I started college. I miss it so much, we still went over for Christmas and a few weeks in August until Granny died, but that was five years ago and I haven't been back since. I'd move to Achill if there were jobs there.

  3. I literally thought, when I first saw this post, that you were saying like "eagles rock" as in "eagles are cool", to which I would also agree by the way.

    Idk you look fine to me, but then again I live in Spain. As long as you don't start looking like leather you are fine, and you are nowhere near that.
    God, you should see some uber tanned people I've seen around here. Not a great look.
    You look lovely though ^-^ As long as you are taking care of yourself.

    Those photos are so pretty *-* I'd love to see Ireland, I've never been.
    I've been to England and Scotland. Ireland and Wales are still on my list.
    What beautiful countryside. *-* I'm in love with places like this.

    Take care my dear, I hope you are feeling well today ^^
    love you to bits

    Mandy xx <3

    1. He he Eagles do rock
      So I guess that works whatever way you read it

      Oh gosh yes I hope someone tells me if I start looking like leather
      My sister will be the first I'd say

      Ireland really is beautiful
      Especially here in the west coast
      Let me know if you ever visit....

      Love to you hun x

  4. I don't think you're too tanned at all! When you said that I was expecting the typical orange-fake looking tans that I see too often. I think you look fine, healthy with some colour. I maybe wouldn't get much darker, but that's just my opinion. I, on the other hand, keep myself extremely pale, to make a stark contrast against my dark features and hair. But the tan suits you. :)

    Also, my mom was born in Ireland. In Galway, (Athenrye to be specific). We live in Canada, but I've always wanted to bring her back there. Such a beautiful place.

    1. Just to let you know
      I did check out your blog
      I love it!!
      I tried to comment but blogger ate it and Iost it
      But I can relate to you do much
      I hope you see this reply
      I will try and comment again
      And hopefully it will work
      If not do you have an email address I could write you?
      It's not often I meet someone with the same conditions as me
      So I would love to stay in touch

      Take care x

  5. Wow, beautiful pictures! You really live in a gorgeous part of the world.

    I agree with Mich. If you like it, keep tanning, but make sure you're taking care of your skin's health too. I've always been pale and love it, but burn to a crisp instead of tan, so have to load up on the SPF50. Personally I think you look lovely as you do. I don't think you look too tanned, like some people you see.

    Also, I got your package yesterday arvo!! Thank you so much! :D Best way to end the week. I've never seen egg cozies before in my life, they're so adorable. Unfortunately I think the tissues are too cute to use, lol. You're wonderful :)

    Lots and lots and lots of love <3

    1. Yay you got it!!
      So glad you like it
      It was a bit of a mixture of things
      But I wanted something to cheer you up a little
      What do you think of the sparkly socks?
      And the square thing is a face cloth in case you were wondering
      So delighted you got it

      Love love love x

  6. I love the tan!
    Keep going if you like it!
    Love blondes with tans. I live tropical Australia we all look like walnuts here just from hanging out the washing lol
    When I saw the title I thought "eagle rock" by Daddy Cool. He he..

    1. Thanks Shelby
      I think I will maintain the colour I have now

      Oh is that a song?
      I don't know it x

  7. Ruby!
    I keep replying to you from my Wondering Soul account which I don't even use any more so am really sorry! For the record, I now write under the name firefly at beautyfromthefore wordpress account! Glad you will just try to maintain the brown... Go with the general concensus. Remember that we (you know what I mean when I say 'we') don't have a great track record of seeing things accurately...!

    Sending love

    1. No worries hun
      I didn't know that you had a new blog
      I will definitely check it out
      How do you find Wordpress ?
      I tried it for a while
      But I always come back to blogger x


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