Thursday, 25 June 2015

Interview Update

I'm just back from my interview
As I said in previous posts
It's a two year course
Business and computers
Specifically for adults who want to go back to learning 
It's ideal for me
I've been out of education for a long time
So it's a nice way to ease back in to it

I woke up at 5am
I knew I would sleep anymore
So I got up 
And sat with the dogs for a while 
Watched some tv
And dozed on the couch
The interview was on my mind all morning
I knew it would be more of a chat than a formal interview
But I still wanted to do as well as I could
The interview was at 2 15pm
So I got dressed at about one 
I changed my outfit slightly 
And added a blue shirt instead of a white t-shirt
As I thought it looked a bit smarter 
My Dad was here
So he drove me
And we set off at about 1 30pm

After a couple of stops 
We arrived at the school at 2pm
My Dad went and parked 
And I went straight in
I saw a sign telling me where to go
I saw some seats and a girl looking very nervous
I asked her if I was at the right place
She said I was
She seemed super nervous
I tried to make small talk
But she wasn't interested
After a few minutes a girl came out of the interview room
And the girl next to me was called in
When I get nervous 
I always have to pee
So I went for a quick one
When I got back to my seat 
I realised I could hear practically every word of the interview
A heard a couple of questions 
And filed them  mentally so I would have the answers if I was asked too
Soon the girl came out
She wished me good luck
Which was nice of her

Then the door opened again
And it was my turn
My heart gave a flutter of anxiety
And I walked in to the room
There were two women there
They told me their names and who they were
But for the life of me I can't remember 
I sat down 
And the interview began 
They asked me where I'd heard about the course
What interest did I have in the subjects
What exams I had
They saw from my application that I was on disability benefit
And explained that I need to write to social welfare to tell them I am doing the course
They also mentioned the possibility that my payment could be stopped after one year
Which is worrying 
And something I'll have look into

I've been on disability benefit since I was first admitted to hospital in 2008
It's great because they kind of leave you alone 
And only check up on you every few years
I was also able to work a few hours over the years
But  having  the payment cut would cause me a lot of problems 

Back to the interview
They asked me about previous work 
Where I had lived 
Had I done any voluntary work
Thankfully I remembered that I had 
When I was an exam scribe
Then asked if there was any reason that I wouldn't make it in to the course
I took this as my opportunity to tell them about the fact that I've struggled with eating disorders
They asked how that would manifeste itself
I said it would probably be a mental thing at first
A crisis of confidence
Or experiencing anxiety
I did however 
Emphasise that I am the bed I've been in a long time
And hoped to continue that way 
They really were very nice 
And said they would do everything to support and help me
I felt so relaxed and comfortable
And got such a good vibe 
After a few more questions 
I couldn't believe I when they said it was lovely to meet me
And just like that
It was all over
I couldn't believe it 
I felt like I had just sat down 
They told me that the offer letters would be posted tomorrow
So I'll be waiting for mine with baited breath

I left the interview feel positive and hopeful
The only stumbling block is the issue of my payment 
Which more than likely will be stopped if I do this course
I guess I have to weigh up which is more important
I will also speak to my mum who works in adult education
Or used to work should I say
As she retires this week
I'll find out as much information as I can
And make a decision the 

I feel wrecked tired after the interview though
I was a bit wound up about it all morning
And it's just nice to have it over and done with
Thank you all for your comments, texts and emails wishing me well
It really means a lot 
I'm off to have a little nap
Are you on the next post....


  1. Sounds like it went really well. I hope you get in! Maybe there's a way you could like reapply for the course payment when the first year is up?

    1. I think it did go well Mich
      And yes I will find out what my options are regarding my payment
      And go from there x

  2. My dear :D
    I am so happy to read this you were awesome! I knew you would be ^-^
    I'm so proud of you going through with it, it sounds positively nerve wracking, heavens, interviews always are and you were great :D ♥
    I wish you all the luck I'm supporting you every single step of the way. You are worth it and deserve it, don't ever doubt it and if you do I'm here to remind you.
    I love you to bits, have a nice rest ^-^

    Take care ♡
    Mandy xx

    1. Aw thank you hun
      For your kind words
      And your support
      It's so great to have you back
      I missed you!
      All of this is new for me
      And it's daunting
      But also exciting
      And thrilling!

      Love you x

  3. Well if the government do not want to support you forever they should support your decision to get back to payed work by doing such a course, shouldn't they? I mean it can't be in anyone's interest that you do not do anything, which would lead to you staying on that benefit forever! But i know these thing are hardly ever based on common sense!
    Anyway, well done you! Such a big step, really really hope you have gotten in, but sounds good already!


    1. I know right?
      It makes no sense really
      Because of they cut my money
      I won't be able to afford the course
      The systems on this country suck sometimes
      They really do

      Thank you
      Baby steps all the way! X

  4. this is so great your doing this,can you imagine even thinking of it a year ago,your confidence seems stronger by the jo x [ very proud friend !]

    1. Thank you so much Jo Jo
      To say you are proud makes me so happy
      You are a star x

  5. That's odd that they stop payments just for studying. In Australia people on the disability pension like me are encouraged to study, volunteer, seek work etc to stay on the pension. They'll take it off someone who does nothing.
    Definitely look into it though and see how it'll effect you.
    I'm glad the interview went well. I hope you get in too, it'll be good for you. X

    1. I know anne
      It makes no sense at all
      You would think they want people to school
      And get work
      But that's just typical of this country .... X

  6. Strange they would cut payment!!

    How r u meant to get off disability and be able to one day support yourself! Plus you've get to ease yourself back into the swing of things. Disappointing!

    So glad u went though. Sounds like you did well and actually have more work experience than many! A good boost to your confidence.

    Good on you ruby, even if it doesn't pan out.

    Xoxo shelby

    1. I know right?
      This bloody county is a law into itself

      Thanks Shelby
      For your continued support x

  7. Well done Ruby. It sounds like it went well! Whoever was interviewing you sounds really understanding and supportive. It's good to know that, if you do end up doing this course, there'll be people there to lean on.

    I've been on DSP since the day I turned 16. Here, it would have a lot to do with what you've been assessed as able to do - for example, if they think you're unable to study Xhrs per week, you'd lose the payment if the course is more hours than that. It's definitely worth looking into though. There might even be a different payment you'd be eligible for while studying.



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