Friday, 26 June 2015

Day 6

Today is day 6 of operation don't weigh for a year
Whilst trying to decide whether to do the year or not
My only set of scales decided to give up and die
So whether I like it or not
I am scale free
Goodbye dear scale
You served your time with me
You brought some joy
But mostly you brought despair and disappointment 
I am through with measuring my self worth with you
It will hard to break the tie with you
You were an integral part of my ED
Intrinsically linked to my self esteem and confidence
I'm sure I will miss you
But just like with smoking 
I know I'll get over you
I'm sorry to break up with you do suddenly
But you are causing me too much heartbreak
I can't live this way any more 
It's time for you to go

Our relationship was bad news from the start 
I knew it was unhealthy 
I should have known that it would end in tears
I tried to leave many times
But every time you lured me back in
I was too weak to resist
I am stronger now though 
I have some recovery behind men
And for the first time in my life
I feel able to stand up to you 
I won't let you control me anymore 
It doesn't seem like much
 But breaking the cycle with you
Is one of the most important things I can do
So I'm going to do it
Today is Day 6
6 down
359 to go.....


  1. Reply to the tv show post - It looks like a legit tv station. But yeah I would be suspicious as well. If you decide to respond, try and get as much information as possible out of them before agreeing to anything.

    I guess whether or not you say yes depends on you. I like my relative anonymity when it comes to the general public, so I'd be nervous at the idea of being seen and heard by possibly everyone in the country. That's just me, though. I've always preferred to stay off the grid. If it is a genuine offer at discussing ED's on tv, it's a really great opportunity to educate the viewers of the show. You better let us know if you do it, so we can watch!!

    Congrats on the 6 days. Don't feel sorry for the scale. You know how in the old days prisoners were kept in place with the big ball and chain? That's what the scale is, and you're well shut of it.


    1. Yea it does look legit Mich
      I Googled the company
      And it all checks out
      They emailed me again
      And I asked the lady to ring me before I commit to anything
      So I can find out as much as possible

      But yea
      It would be a good opportunity to spread the message of hope and recovery
      I'll keep you posted x

    2. Good luck rubs. I'm thinking of volunteering but then I'm scared I'll have to be confident and strong. If you can get up there Skype call video anything that'd be great it's a perfect opportunity :). Wish I could do something as gutsy. Also 6 days you go girl!

    3. Thank you
      Yea I just spoke to the lady
      And it all seems great
      So I think I will do it
      I just hope I can do all of your justice x

  2. Good luck Ruby! You will feel so free. Like I said in your other post, it doesn't fix things, but it's one less thing to stress and obsess over.


  3. Such an important and difficult step, you just make me prouder of you every day ♥


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