Friday, 31 July 2015

New blogs?

As you know 
I love to read
Whether it is a book
A blog
A newspaper 
I love being a part of blogger
To follow the stories of the wonderful ladies here
I don't really use any other social media
I'm not in to Facebook
I don't have Twitter or Instagram
For me
My blog is where I document my life
My thoughts 
My ups and downs
Every little thing that happens in my life is carefully recorded
My memory is not the best these days 
So when I read back in my blog
It's like it all happened to someone else

I follow quite a lot of blogs
And I'm always on the look out for new blogs 
So I'm wondering what are your top 3 blogs?
Have you found any new blogs recently that you would like to share?
Maybe you have just started writing 
And would like to put your blog out there for more people to read?
I always love to find a new and exciting blogs to read 
And I must stress 
The blogs you share don't necessarily have to be about EDs or addiction
They could be about absolutely anything 
As it is more the way it's written that concerns me 
Your blog could be about train spotting 
But if it is written well
Then I will read it 

This is an invite for you to get in touch with your blog 
Or to share someone else's 
A blog you think is funny
Or poignant
Or moving 
Or interesting 
Or so ridiculous that it makes no sense
I want to hear about them all
So do get in touch
I'll look forward to hearing from you....


  1. This is my nutritionist's blog:

    It's amazing! She has been in ED recovery for quite a long time and is such a lovely person, both on the blog and in real life. She certainly advocates for veganism as a path to recovery, but I'm only a vegetarian now and I find her writing extremely helpful The Green Recovery series is amazing... I hope you enjoy reading it!

    My other favorite blogs, which have nothing at all to do with EDs are Cup of Jo and Garance Dore (in English and in French). Joanna Goddard writes about all sorts of things and I'm always learning something new there... it's sort of like reading a magazine. Garance Dore is an amazing photographer, illustrator, writer, and creator. Granted, her blog is more fashion focused, but there's lots of other great stuff to read there too. I like her posts the best, but she also has a team of people working with her that are good writers as well. Her "Pardon my French" videos are my favorite. I once attended a talk that she gave in NY and she's just lovely in person. Enjoy!

    1. Oh cool!
      Thanks darlin'
      I'll definitely check those out
      I guess it's a good sign when we become interested in things outside of our EDs
      And I am definitely becoming enthralled with lots of other things
      Before nothing captured my attention
      But now do many things go
      And that is a revelation for little old me

      Thank you hun
      I appreciate it x

    2. I love your blog of course.. I also really like my cocoa stained apron, living with anorexia, diary of a social phobic.
      My blog is

    3. Thanks L
      Will Check them out too x

  2. Besides you, Bells, AnisA & Pers are my favourites, but you kno them alrdy : )
    New-to-me is Mich-Fiers!! She should put a proper trigger warning tho, bc i'll need adult nappies to follow her--just read about highschool Halloween Hijinx & nearly pissed myself laughing good times-!
    :D jils

    1. He he, yes those are my best girls too!
      Have you ever considered writing a blog?
      I'm willing to bet that it would be really great
      Blogging has been such a force for good in my life
      I love it and the people so so much
      You are my second family x

    2. I've been trying to get bk here but my ph has officially lost it--scrolls opposite to my motions & then TOTALLY BLACKED OUT YOUR SITE!! (WTAH, Blogger!?!)
      But I'm bk now, wanted to say 'Introvert Spring' is interesting from the few postings I've read sofar--enough so that I've put it on my homescreen w\you lot-!!
      I act DO plan on doing a Blog in semi-near future, mebbe in nxt 2 months-?? Names r all pickt out, & the other night I jotted dn some random potential post topics, just off the cuff-!! (Reckon after 27 yrs of this nonsense I hv a couple stories…) : P
      Thanks for your encouragement, Babe-! but I daresay the Great ones have been posting for yrs now !! ; )

      Aww, 2e family…so true. the ppl here are so AMAESING it should be illegal [& it probably actually IS…]

      love u to bits !! Jils
      [re-sent maile, hopefully you'll receive it this time arnd] talk to you on the 2e-!]

  3. I've been working on my blog for about a year now;

    One of my favorite blogs is a wonderful blog about life, relationships and prozac

    1. Thank you Niqi
      I will definitely check out both of these
      Happy blogging! X

  4. Well Ruby... I think that your blog is one of my top 3! So you should definitely feel a little bit proud!
    My second is by a girl called Emma, a young woman who has overcome Anorexia but is realistic about the struggle. It's called A New Name and can be found here...
    My third is a Photography type blog by a guy called Chris Breebaart He writes about his pics sometimes and I love the snippets... Just little flashes of insight!
    So there you go! My 3 top blogs!
    Mine comes about 8th!
    Really like your idea here! Will be sure to investigate!

    1. Aw thanks Firefly
      You are a sweetie
      I love that people are suggesting different types of blogs
      And not just ED ones x

  5. Well, can I recommend mine? :) I don't think you read it and it would be nifty if you did. :) I also like these two:

    1. I know I used to read your blog Eve
      I'm not sure why it doesn't appear in my reader anymore
      But I will check it out for sure
      In fact going to right now x

  6. I also like Soule Mama for some lifestyle porn. Though can someone's life be that great?! It's pretty inspirational.


  7. Away from mental health: Amber Butchart's Theatre of Fashion -- I am not interested in fashion at all to be honest, and there are lots of things I don't like about this blog, but I love the energy, creativity and artistic explosion...; Ad Imaginem Dei on Western Art; ... hm, I must develop this list! I'd like to have something I felt more passionate about to recommend!
    In mental health, from people recovering or recovered: Emily Troscianko The Hunger Artist; Erin Schulthies' Daisies & Bruises: The Art of Living with Depression; Carrie Arnold ED Bites (and Izzy's blog, which you obviously read anyway...I love her zest for life!). It's a shame Renee Yohe stopped blogging, she mainly just does twitter & instagram now but it was great and is still up.
    The best thing I've read recently wasn't a blog -- I read Martin Pistorius' Ghost Boy. Not for the writing style, it is a very quick & easy read, but wow...

  8. ps hyperbole & a half (Allie Brosh)


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