Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Before I forget
I want to apologise for not replying to comments or reading your blogs while I've been away
I don't always have wifi
So I blog when I can
And don't get a chance to do much else

Today was an early start
Especially for me
As I didn't sleep well at all last night
At 1am
When I still couldn't sleep
I took a days meds
That did the trick
And I did fall asleep
But it has left me one days meds short now
So I really need to ration what I have left
I have under two days meds for three days
If I though about that too much
I would worry and stress and fret
And wouldn't enjoy the rest of my holiday
So I am going to forget all about it

This morning we woke early
And got up at 6 30am
We stumbled around our room
Trying to wash 
And pack
We had breakfast in the kitchen instead of the roof terrace
As it was a bad day
There are two little women in the kitchen
Who make all kinds of beakfast
Every morning I've been having toast and a boiled egg
But this morning I had an omelette
Just with salt and pepper
Having breakfast is quite the revelation for me
At home 
I don't usually have any thing
And if I do it's something silly
Like three biscuits
But here I've been eating a substantial breakfast 
And keeping it down 
That keeps me going until lunch time 
When I might have cheese on toast
And again
No purging
However I have been purging my main meal
But the thing is
I don't always feel like purging
It's more out of habit than anything else 

The two little women in the kitchen help us with our breakfast 
And usually we then go to the roof terrace
Where there are another two women 
Who make tea or coffee 
But as I said 
This morning we ate in the kitchen
We tipped both the kitchen and house keeping staff
As they have been great
Every day when we head out
The staff clean our room
Leave fresh towels and toiletries 
Clean bed linen 
Even folding our pyjamas 
So they really earned their tip

Packing this morning was funny
In a kind of I want to pull out my hair funny
As usual 
We all brought far too many clothes with us
And bought so much stuff
Trying to fit it all in to our suitcases was a military operation
After much struggle 
And with the air blue from cursing
We got them closed
And we hauled them down to reception
We thanked all the staff
And called a taxi
And off we went on the next leg of our trip

We arrived at the airport in good time for our 11am flight
We checked in 
Made our way through security
The plane was delayed so with the hour in the air and another hour waiting
We arrived in Izmir at about 1pm
Next we had to find a train to take us to the town we were staying called Selcuk
That was a palava
We found information 
And the metro stop
Saw there was a train going at 2 pm
Went to buy a ticket
But were told we had to buy it at a different booth
Where there was no one
We asked again 
And they said someone would be along shortly 
50 minutes we waited
I shit you not
We almost missed our train 
And I almost lost the will to live

So that was fine 
We had our tickets 
We were on time for the train
Which came a short time later 
We each had a huge case 
And loading them off and on transport was not fun at all
But we did it 
And made it to Selcuk in one piece
From there we got a taxi to the hotel
What a relief to finally drop our bags and sit down 
Oh the comfort and the luxury of it all after a long journey
So it is from my hotel bed in my complimentary slippers that I write this post
In starting to flag now
And am kind of ready to go home 
To see my dogs
To have a proper ham sandwich 
And sleeping in my own lovely bed

Here are a few photos....


  1. I have so much to catch up on, I neglected blogger for my entire holiday....

    I'm glad you posted loads of photos, looks like you're having a great time! And yes, as bad as the last day of vacation is, it's always nice to get back to your own bed.:)

  2. Please don't fret about reading or commenting. You're on holiday! I'm surprised how much you've been posting to be honest.

    Congrats on breakfast! It's a bit of a barrier for me too recently. Breakfast food is definitely the yummiest though :)

    Enjoy the next leg of your trip <3


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