Monday, 28 September 2015

Last day in Istanbul

Today is our last day in Istanbul
Tomorrow we are flying to Ephesus
Today we are dedicating to shopping 
In the spice market
And the Grand Bizarre 
So that should be interesting
Part of me is sad that out holiday is nearing an end
But another part of me is super excited to go home
Especially to see Honey and Lea
As I have missed them so so much

Here in Istanbul
I've seen very few dogs
And the few I have seen have been panned out on the ground asleep
They don't look very well cared for
They are skinny and malnourished 
On the other hand 
There seems to be an endless amount of cats here
They are everywhere
And people seem to be really nice to the them
They feed them 
And don't shoo them away
They are pretty well looked after 

My sister and I went up to the main shopping street
And I found H&M
And Topshop
I decided I would go in to one rather than both
So I chose H&M
Where there was a sale on
I bought a top
And some lounge-y type pants
I've gone way over my budget
But isn't that what holidays are all about?

Here's a few photos....


  1. Hi, I was wondering if you could recommend some good recovery blogs? Thank you!

  2. Ruby, I'm glad to know you're having a wonderful time. Turkey is on my list of places to go. I love the photos especially of the man with all the cats. That's going to be me one day I know it.
    As much as I do like going places I do like coming home to my own room, to my cats and my own bed. I understand your need for w day off during your holiday. I have aspergers Syndrome and after a week in Thailand I was too tired to do much in Singapore so I stayed in the hotel and watched movies.
    I'm proud of how far you've come when it comes to weighing. Congrats.
    Hope you're doing okay.
    Anne Xx

  3. Enjoy your last day over there. Go out blazing!
    If Honey & Lea are anything like my babies, they're going to give you one hell of a 'welcome home' (poor Billy usually anxiety attacks)!
    Love the photos. The cat man is adorable! Neutral colors really suit you, by the way.



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