Saturday, 28 November 2015

To Cork......

Here we are in Cork
My Mum, my sister and I 
Are all staying with my sisters partner
The journey here was a marathon
We left before 9am
And arrived at 5pm
I'll tell you a little secret 
I slept most of the way in the back seat
So I wasn't as tired as the rest when we arrived
Cork is Ireland's biggest county
Lying in the south west of the country
I've only been here once before
And loved it
So was excited to come back

My sisters partner had a beautiful, homely stew with mash upon our arrival 
Just what the doctor ordered
We took it easy last night
And watched The Toy Show
Which I wrote about yesterday
If you can
I would look it up 
As it's just the perfect thing to get you in the mood for Christmas
We made our way to bed at midnight
And was out before I could even read one page of my book

I awoke first this morning 
Late for me at 9 30am
I came downstairs 
Made a huge cup of tea and toast
And waited for the others to surface
One by one 
They came downstairs 
And sausages and bacon were put on the pan 
We ate
Had a quick shower 
And piled out in to my sisters car and headed for town

Cork city is lovely
It doesn't have the manicness of Dublin
But it's bigger than the city near us at home
We wandered around the shops
I was on a strict budget 
So just bought I pair of jeggings in 
Yes you've guessed it 
Fat Face 
Stick that in your pipe anonymous 

My Mum was looking for a warm jacket 
So we all spent about 45mins in the changing rooms of one particular shop
This changing room was smaller than a toilet cubicle 
You couldn't swing a cat in it 
She didn't find anything though
Well she did 
But the prices were extortionate
So she's going to wait for the January sales

We went for lunch in the Cork opera house 
A quirky little place with coloured chairs that looked like a kindergarten 
I had the kids sausage and chips
Yes I only wanted a small portion so ordered from the kids menu
It was yummy though
A meal in miniature

We walked around for another while
And finished up in water stones book shop
Where my sister and I decided to walk home
And the others took the car
We are home now 
Going to have some grub
Before heading out to see a musical
It's called ahem..
Menopause the Musical
It's meant to be really funny 
It was either that or the ballet
So we went with the funny one

Below are some photos from today


  1. Lol. Couldn't swing a cat in it. Still dying. Looks like you had a blast and such a cute little place!

  2. sounds really fun glad you're having a good weekend, love to go Ireland one day.enjoy tomm, love jo xx

    1. You are welcome any time Jo
      How quick can you get here....


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