Friday, 27 November 2015

The Toy Show

As you know 
I live in Ireland 
We are a country who appreciates tradition
Especially around Christmas time
There is a long running chat show 
That is on every Friday night
Called The Late Late Show
It's really an institution in this country 
And every year 
Around the end of November 
The Late Late Show 
Transforms in to The Late Late Toy Show
Which is on tonight

I really cant explain The Toy Show and do it justice
It has to be seen to be believed
The whole studio is transformed in to a winter wonderland 
All the audience dress up
But the children are the star of the show
Some sing
Some dance 
Some try out the toys 
The opening number is always spectacular 
The host Ryan, sings and dances with the children 
And the standard of talent is enormous 
There are also celebrities 
And the audience always get loads of free toys and goodies 

I make a point of watching The Toy Show every year
Growing up it was the highlight of my life
I can remember watching it on the Friday night
And again on Sunday afternoon when it was repeated
I remember my father coming home from the pub 
Steaming drunk 
And watching the end of it with us
As I've grown up 
The Toy Show has remained an integral part of my Christmas
It's all about the children
And they really are the stars of the show

I can clearly remember two years ago
I was in treatment just before Christmas 
And The Toy Show was on one Friday night
I was pretty devastated that I had to be there for it
And I almost didn't get to see it 
As I was on bed rest
And had to ask for permission 
They let me 
You'd want to have a heart of stone to turn down that request 
So we all settled in the TV room
The ED girls with our large cups of tea
Curled up on the bucket seats 
With our legs folded under us 
And the other patients 
With their chocolate and biscuits
And electronic cigarettes 
When the ads came on
We all hauled to the smoking room next door for a cheeky smoke 
Even though we were in hospital
The atmosphere was jolly and merry 
I still think of those people 
And wonder how they are doing 

Here I  am
In my pyjamas 
With a cup of tea in hand 
Waiting for the show to start
Yes I think it's happening
Christmas is most definitely here....


  1. Hi Ruby, just read the end of yday's post. Ruby, do contact Mary without delay! Contacting her is fighting ED, delaying it is giving ED scope. Remember she said to you that "extra support" is not the same as relapse. Go for the extra support before anything else happens. Love, and have a happy weekend I hope.

  2. I think this is amazing advice.

    We have many carols programs on here and I make note to watch the Myers Sydney music bowl carols every year and again on repeat Christmas day whilst we tuck into our Christmas feast look back on the year and my dad give each one of us a little speech about how we've grown from our tumbles throughout the year and grown as individuals throughout life. Another thing I watch every year is the good Friday appeal (it's a fund raising appeal for the children's hospital here) it's amazing to watch the generosity of our nation

  3. <3 you are cute and lovely Ruby. Please do not let this all go to waste. I need you to get better (yeah, I am selfish like all opiate- addicts ;) ). you know how lost I am myself. please do not let ED get you again. xx


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