Friday, 11 December 2015

I was recently contacted by a lady called Sophie Burton
Who runs a site called
It's a site where peoe can share their stories anonymously 
Help themselves
And help others too
Sophie interviewed me for the site 
And below is the link
Hope you enjoy.....


  1. How did you crash your car into a ditch if you don't have a driving license??

    1. maybe someone was with her? she is allowed to drive in company of someone with a license...

    2. Ruby's story was referring to something in the distant past.

      Also, that's kind of like asking "How did you do drugs if they're illegal?" I assume you aren't truly serious.

    3. Took drugs then drove under the influence with another person in the car, risking killing them also?

    4. i guess its one of the usual provocations. like 'why don't you work' etc. i want to see you guy work on 22ml of methadone and all those meds (ruby NEEDS btw because she is ILL) or any employer hiring someone who is... arghh people. let others live! she is not taking anything from you!no one here needs to approve, or praise her, but please ... do not judge from a total strangers' position in such a way... it is not fair and i wonder why this should be helpful at all...

  2. Good job on your interview, Rubly-!

    I hope you have a 'Brill-tastic' Christmas, [or 'Christ-Más' as I call it].

    Please take care of you-!!

    <3 & ((Huggles)); Jils


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