Saturday, 12 December 2015


I was supposed to be getting my next piercing done this week
But the girl I went to last time is away
And won't be back until mid January 
There are a couple of others near by
But they don't come highly recommended
And they don't use titanium
So I think my best bet is to hold on for the person I know to come back
But necessary
Especially given that I have absolutely no patience 
And want everything yesterday 

I was texting a girlfriend from school yesterday
She has had a myriad of piercings in her time 
Including all over her ears and face
Both nipples 
And down below!
I was asking her where she gets them done 
She said she had some done in Dublin
But a few of them she did herself 
I was blown away by this 
But she said she really enjoyed doing them
Of course my next questions was how todo it
She sent a brief text that involved a sterilised needle, ice, gloves and a clean towel 
I was fascinated 
So when we finished texting 
I decided to do a little research on line
And of course 
There are many many home videos on YouTube 
Showing how to pierce various pars of your body
As well
As detailed explanations on Google
I read through a few 
And I actually did consider it 
I am one of those slightly crazy people who thinks piercing yourself from the comfort of your own home is a good idea
So I consulted my sister
Who is always the voice of reason
She told me in no uncertain terms 
That I would be absolutely mental to do that 
And I let her talk me out of it
Part of me was relieved 
As I can imagine that it hurts like a mother....

I guess it gives me time to think about what to get done next 
As I'm not really sure at the moment 
I'm trying to decide between my lip
My septum
Or Medusa 
As you know 
I live my life on the verge of impulse
And often make silly decisions based on that 
So I will be a responsible adult 
And think my decisions through
Albeit being forced in to it....

Less than two weeks until Chritsmas kids!
All my cards have been posted 
The house is decorated 
The Christmas cake is maturing 
And we feed it with sherry every week
The turkey is ordered 
The shopping will soon be done 
And all I have to get is my Christmas gift for my sister 
I am looking forward to a quiet family Christmas 
No fuss 
No stress 
Just good old fashioned fun
Sans alcohol of course 
But I was wondering about you? 
Do you celebrate Christmas? 
Who will you celebrate with?
Do you have any Christmas traditions?
Maybe you don't like the holidays
How do you get through?
Answers on a postcard please.....

By the way
I didn't reply to comments yesterday as I didn't read them after the first one 
Which was accusing me of driving illegally 
I'm done done replying to these comments 
And even though it's not an anonymous comment
It might as well be
When I crashed my car
That was years ago 
It's in the past 
Yes, I made some stupid mistakes when I was using 
But the clue is in the fact that I was using 
I wasn't in the right frame of mind 
Do I regret my actions from back then?
Can I change them? 
So I do my best to learn the lesson and move on 
That's all I can do 


  1. i said something nice, to you, underneath your recent post, actually...
    did i say something wrong during the last weeks? i just noticed that you haven't been replying to my comments anymore...
    anyway, i am not sure if my messy live leads me here before the holidays, so have a merry christmas, Ruby. I'll try to stay away from the coke and MDMA (or worse) and from partying too hard and being put back into that sanatorium-thing in Switzerland by my parents, and i hope you hang on to your recovery as well.
    much love

    1. Hi Josefine,

      I am so sorry that I haven't replied to your comments recently
      It wasn't a deliberate thing
      It's just sometimes I am afraid to look at my comments
      As I am afraid of nasty ones
      No you haven't done anything at all
      It's all me
      I'm just a bit all over the place at the moment
      And thank you for your kind words on my last post
      It means a lot

      I hope you see this reply
      Do let me know if you do
      Just so I know we are ok

      I hope you have a safe and peaceful Christmas
      I'll try to stay sane if you will
      Pinkie promise?

      Take care of you x

  2. Omgosh Rubs I can't believe you considered piercing yourself!!!!!!! You crazy chick!!!!! I'm a massive lover of piercings and have been desperate to get my tragus done for months but I would never dream of doing it myself. Gosh you're one brave gal! <3

    I celebrate Christmas, like you, quietly. Just me and mum. I go to church in the morning because I believe that Christ is at the centre of CHRISTmas and it is so special. Then just spend the day at home with mum, maybe go for a walk. I'm the opposite of you with alcohol though. I very very rarely drink, Christmas being one of the only times I will allow myself some mulled wine or a glass of bubbly. It's interesting how we're all so different, I love that.

    I hope your card arrives with you soon, so exciting! XXX

    1. That's me all over Annie
      Bonkers to the bitter end!!
      He he

      Your Christmas sounds lovely
      And I wish you and your mum a very happy and peaceful one
      And enjoy your glass of bubbly
      It's nice to have a little treat

      Hope you are feeling better Hun?
      Always here for you x

  3. Boo! It's definitely worth the wait to get the piercer you prefer. I'm surprised there are places that don't use titanium. My shop sells surgical steel and silver and gold pieces, but it's always titanium for the first piercing. I'm the same though, extremely inpatient when it comes to piercings! Please don't try it at home though! I'm shocked at your friends advice. I did my own cartilage piercing when I was like 10 - never again! I can't imagine doing a facial piercing... You need more than just ice and a sewing needle. Appropriate clamps and hollow needles, for starters!

    I'm ignoring Christmas this year. There is just too much stress. Christmas hasn't been the same since we lost my Pa. We'd visit him every Saturday at 10am (he wouldn't answer the door even 5 minutes earlier, very much a creature of habit), and Christmas was the one time of year he'd come visit. It just really hit me this year how much I miss him.


    1. I'm glad you commented Bella
      As I was just thinking of you today
      And was going to email you
      As I was a bit worried
      I'm sorry this time of year is tough for you
      I know Christmas isn't easy for a lot of people
      I hope you manage to get through it
      And I do t blame you if you want to ignore it
      It's an awful lot of fuss for just one day

      Don't worry
      I won't be piercing myself any time soon
      I will hold on for my piercer to come back

      Take care x

  4. please don't diy! i did it loads when i was young only ears though. never a good idea some people get away with it with good luck not worth risk.
    like christmas but it is tiring, huge family, no money everyone coming here my oven breaking and don't have chairs!! been going round asking today.
    hubby works whole week every year so doesn't get involved so i struggle, also am an alcoholic with eating disorder so yes a challenge. hope everyone here can forget the struggle for a day xxx

    1. Is that you Jo?
      No don't worry
      I won't do it myself
      I was tempted
      But after thinking about it
      It would be really silly

      Hope you're doing ok? X

  5. i love the run up to christmas, the lights and carols even like the getting dark early but find the actual day quite stressful, don't like the clutter and chaos and trying to happy all long day, go outside to take smile breaks!but always sad when its over ( once I've tidied up, ha) jo xxx


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