Monday, 28 December 2015

December 28th 2015

I must say
We had a lovely Christmas 
It was quiet 
Low key
Just me
My parents 
Sister no 1 and sister no 2
And my 15 year old nephew
Dinner itself was fine
And over dessert we had a very interesting conversation about constipation and diarrhoea 
Only in my family.....

As you know 
My parents separated about 15 years ago
My Dad lives about an hour away 
He comes to stAy with us regularly 
And spent a few nights here over Christmas 
It really is quite the revelation that my family can all spend time together never mind the whole of Christmas 
Growing up 
Christmas was not a good time 
Much alcohol and drugs were taken 
It always ended in tears 
Since we moved here ten years ago
My mother has declared it an alcohol and drug free zone 
Which is great as everyone is clear when they come here 
They must behave 

So yes 
Christmas this year was lovely 
My dad stayed until yesterday
It always seems 
That when my dad goes home
He texts us the things that he would have really liked to say to us 
I got a text last night thanking me for a lovely few days 
And to give the dogs a hug from him 
Mum got a text saying thanks and that there is a lot of love in our house
My mum and I worried that he had been drinking before he sent those texts
But I am fairly confident that he knows that if he drinks 
He loses all of us 
The whole family 
So I'm hoping and praying that he isn't

The next week or so will be busy 
Relations coming to stay 
Our house transforms over night from a quiet country home
To grand central station 
My Auntie B is coming on Saturday
And my uncle and nephew are coming in a couple of days 
Also my sisters partner will be with us for the new year 
I'm only making one New Years resolution
And that is to save money 
Rather than spend it 
Apart from that 
I am not really making any 
But that could change too

I was wondering about you
Are you making any resolutions this new year?


  1. I hope all is okay with your dad. It would be so sad to lose the rest of the family because of it. I'm hoping his messages were genuine, and that maybe he just doesn't know how to communicate them face-to-face.

    I had a half-resolution this year, to try to save a little money each pay and not touch it until the end of the year... I bought a cash box and everything. Yeah, well... Whoops.
    Usually I set goals relating to agoraphobia/leaving the house, but this year I'm not sure if I'll send any. I've got things like tentative weight goals and vague things like 'blog more often' in my head, but that's about it. I don't think it's the year for me to set structured resolutions.

    Lots of love <3

    1. I do think it was genuine Bella
      At least I hope it was
      I'm going to be positive and believe he was

      I hope to stick to my one resolution
      Anything more than that is too much

      Take care of yourself sweet one x

  2. i always txt after seeing people to say thanks just think its nice, i have so many resolutions i don't know where to start, not because new year just because something has to change with me.its lovely that you're family can spend time together again xxx millie

    1. I think that's it Millie
      He texts what he feels he can't say face to face

      Good to hear from you
      I hope you can stay in touch x

  3. I don't believe in it. You can change something on any one of the 365 days of the year.

  4. Same resolution as always: get thin.

    1. We love you no matter what you weigh CP
      And being thin isn't always what it appears
      All it means is that you take up less space x


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