Sunday, 20 December 2015


I don't know what the hell happened to blogger yesterday
It seems some kind of blogger gremlin ate twenty of my followers
I swear I was losing followers by the minute
At first I thought I had done or said something that caused people to unfollow me
But then other bloggers complained of the same thing 
I was glad it wasn't just me
And was a glitch in the system
We won't worry about that
Those kind of problems are small fry

I am so very tired these days
And still very pale and a bit sickly looking
But I guess that's to be expected 
I have made changes though
I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with my family at the table 
And do my best to keep it down 
It doesn't always go as planned 
But the important thing is to keep trying 
I kind of feel like my body is fighting my mind at the moment 
My body wants to do the right thing
Eat well
Moderate exercise 
But my mind craves oblivion 
I let my mind win for too long 
Now it's time to listen to my body 
To feed it 
Nourish it 
Look after it
Take care of it
God knows it needs it

My meds are the big issue though
As they have been blamed for my recent bout of illness 
So again
I've had to relinquish control of them 
And really stick to it
Today is Sunday 
And for the first time in probably years that I've had meds on a Sunday 
So that's good 
Progress me thinks 

That's all from me today folks 
I'm off to have a little nap 
Then have some lunch
See you on the next post....


  1. It's good that your family is so supportive (I'm guessing mum's keeping track of the meds?). Body over mind! In my case it's the opposite; my body thinks it's hungry, when I know it can't be :P

    1. She is CP
      It's hopefully just temporary
      But I just can't trust myself right now

      By the way
      I got your card
      I love it!
      Thank you! X

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  4. Oh look, you're getting spambots!! :)

    I think blogger did a mass-delete of old unused blogs and profiles and that's where followers went.

    I'm glad you're trying to get into a healthy meal pattern. Keep fighting. xo


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