Thursday, 24 December 2015

Lea's new coat!

It being Christmas 
I haven't forgotten about Honey and Lea
I've been wanting to buy them coats this winter
As the weather has been God bloody awful
I finally made it to the pet store yesterday
And after I stocked up on dogfood
I had a look at the doggie coats
I immediately found one for Lea
A very fetching navy and red one
And only €14
Honey proved harder though
I couldn't find one in her size
Ie one big enough to go around her big belly 
And anyway
Honey is not a great fan of you putting things on her
When she saw me putting the coat on Lea
She ran into her bed thinking she was next

Next down the cat walk is Lea!
Lea is a 10 year old golden retriever
Lea live with honey and Ruby 
And she loves swimming and her tummy being rubbed
Lea is sporting a fleece lined navy weather beater 
Doesn't she look beautiful....


  1. I love Labradors soo much. She looks lovely.

    1. I think she looks adorable too Shelby

      Hope you are well
      Merry Christmas! X

  2. Lea looks spiffy!

    It has been strangely mild so far this winter - light jacket weather most of the time. But Xander tolerated the subzero (F) temps like a champ last year. Even so, I'd like to get him a sweater, but I haven't found just the right one yet. It has to be houndstooth check, because he's a hound and I think that would be perfect.

    1. Lea went for her first wAlk in her new jacket this morning
      In my mind she looked so proud to wear it
      Honey doesn't come for a walk everyday anymore
      But I hope to get her a little coat in the new year

      Happy Christmas Tempest
      To you and yours x

  3. Aw! Lea looks lovely in her new coat.
    I hope you had a good Christmas Ruby.
    Now that we've opened all our presents I have to stop three naughty foster kittens from knocking the tree down.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Anne Xx

  4. She looks lovely :)

    I hope you had a good Christmas, Ruby!

  5. Love it! Both Billy and Silky got coats as they started getting older. Honey will come around, I'm sure.



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