Saturday, 23 April 2016

T is for Tea!

All my life 
I've been a confirmed tea drinker
Even as a baby 
I used to take hot, sweet tea in my bottle 
I was very attached to my bottle of tea
And having spoken to my Mum about it this morning
She tells me that I used my bottle of tea as a comfort up until the age of four
I can remember hiding said bottle when people came over 
Since then 
Tea has been a source of warmth and comfort to me
That first cup in the morning is heaven 
And when I smoked
A cuppa and a cigarette could put the world to right 
I can't lie 
I miss that feeling 
A hot steaming cup of tea
And a Carrolls cigarette 
Anything could be solved over it
I've never been a coffee drinker
Most of my family are coffee drinkers 
But I've never developed a taste for it
I wish I liked coffee
As it looks very sophisticated 
And I'd love to go in to a coffee shop and order a long black
But no
I am a dedicated tea drinker
And nothing else will do

It wasn't until I developed my ED 
That my tea drinking got out of hand 
If tea drinking can get out of hand
Now I must drink 10- 15 cups a day 
Depending on what I am doing 
If I am at home 
I will make one cup after another 
And drink it like it is going out of fashion
I also have particular cups that I drink out of 
I'm very picky about my cups 
The need to be narrow 
Quite tall 
Preferably with a nice design
I don't like cups with an internal colour 
I like them to be white on the inside
I have my favourite cups
And no other cups will do

When I gave up smoking 
It took me quite a while to get used to having a cup of tea without a smoke 
It just wasn't the same 
But as they say 
You can make or break a habit in 21 days
And eventually 
Like everything 
I got used to it
And the tea has to be Barry's 
I don't use sugar that much anymore 
And use 4 sweeteners instead
I'm off to make another cuppa
See you on the next post....

Are you a tea or coffee drinker?


  1. I love coffee (plenty of milk and sugar) but could live without it. Tea, however, I could not live without. I've just discovered a lemongrass/ginger/rooibos tea that is just divine, and I have a bowl of it every evening (yes, bowl, because cup does not begin to describe it). I haven't had black tea in months, if not years.

  2. Oh that sounds delicious
    I remember when I was in treatment
    Someone told me that a certain herbal team helps you lose weight
    I drank it by the bucket....

    Wouldn't it be lovely to go for a cuppa
    A chat
    And put the world to right
    I reckon we would become firm friends fast
    Not that we already aren't.... X

  3. Mmm. I drink a lot of tea too. Though not caffeinated usually, as that makes me jittery (yeah, NO coffee either...)
    Interesting that you started drinking it as a baby! I'd have thought it would have been too bitter.
    ~AJ Lauer
    an A-Z Co-host

    1. Hey Aj
      Thanks for stopping by
      I know
      Tea is a strange drink for a baby
      But I loved it

      Hope you are enjoying the A-Z x

  4. Yeah, I'm another committed tea drinker. Started becoming a big thing thanks to ED, never really drank it much before, also the guy I live with is a big tea drinker so he got me into the habit!

    I have mine with no milk (could never stand the stuff) and one sugar!

    Used to drink a tonne of coffee, but now I get palpitations so I had to cut down on the caffeine. Fine with tea though for some reason!


    1. Hey Agnes
      Good to hear from you

      I really wish that I liked coffee
      I love watching my sister prepare her morning coffee
      And there is something so sophisticated about it

      Hope you are well Agnes
      Going to check your blog now x

  5. oh i had milky tea in a bottle too my earliest memory ! jo xx

  6. I drink both but coffee is my obsession. I have to remind myself of my limit (2-3 cups a day.) A very good friend in No Wales always seems to be making another cuppa so you are in good company.
    Im blogging from Fill the cracks and Moondustwriter's Blog. Happy A to Zing!

    1. Hey Leslie
      And welcome!
      Yes the kettle is constantly going in my house
      And we go through probably at least one kettle a year
      My brother jokes that when I am in his house
      I am only allowed three kettle boils!

      Hope you are enjoying the challenge x

  7. Coffee! In the last two weeks, I've gone through 2kg of coffee beans and nearly 500g of instant. I think it's the cold weather.

    I drank tea for some years up until recently, though I never drank 'real' tea. Just herbal, usually peppermint, occasionally a green tea. In the big picture I'm definitely a coffee drinker though. I do drink other things, like water and diet soda, but I drink it pretty constantly. Mum *always* has a coffee made and will drink it even if it's bone cold.

    It always takes me forever to get used to sitting with a cup of coffee sans cigarette when I'm in hospital. Last time though, I adapted quite quickly and started drinking coffee whenever I wanted a smoke. It's like it's my default mode, to sit in my armchair with a cuppa and a smoke.


    1. I knew you were a coffee drinker Bella
      And oh how I miss a cuppa and a smoke
      I can just imagine me and you
      Sitting in your garden
      Chain smoking
      And drinking tea and coffee by the gallon
      Sad to think that might never happen
      But you never know
      Stranger things have happened x

  8. Iced coffee is my preference. At a coffee house.


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