Friday, 22 April 2016

S is for Summer!

Summer is fast approaching 
And as you know
I have a few things in the pipeline 
There is the possibility of a job
And also a course I could do 
Which is over a year long
IT and communications 
Two days a week
This week
I got a call from the manager of the holiday centre where I applied to work 
She asked me if I was still interested in work
And told me to pop in yesterday morning to have a chat
So I did 
She showed me around the building
Which can cater up to 60 people at a time
The living areas 
The dining room 
The office 
Then we sat down so she could tell me in depth about the job
She asked about my situation
I told her that I am on a disability benefit 
And because the job is only a summer job
I am keen to hold on to that payment
She totally understood that 
She asked me why I am on disability 
So I explained that I am recovering from an eating disorder 
I had no problem telling her that 
But then she became concerned that the job might be too much for me
She told me that the job is not only physically demanding 
But also very emotionally demanding
You see the holiday centre is run by a charity 
Whose aim is to give people a holiday who generally can't afford on
It's not free 
But it is at a reduced cost
So a lot of the people staying are vulnerable 
Or have difficult circumstances 
Different situation may arise 
And I would need to be very switched on to deal with them
The manager explained that the person she hires needs to have a lot of cop on and common sense 
A jack of all trades were the words she used
I told her that I would be available to work the 20 hours a week I am allowed work 
She said she would have to bring thdt information back to the board members to discuss 
And said she would get back to me next week
know that a lot of you think that I should take the full time work 
And I would love to
But I worry that it would be too much for me 
And I might cave under the pressure 
Plus I wouldn't have the time to look after my dogs 
Horse riding 
And appointments 
If I could work the 20 hours 
That would work perfectly 
But I don't know if it will happen

Then there is the course 
I went to talk on it yesterday 
And I have an interview for it on Monday
The course is two days a week
For 16 months
So it suits me really well 
If I got the 20 hours work 
Then I could probably squeeze the course in too
My other option is not to work at all and do the course 
The course work includes work experience 
So I would get some work over the next year
 I will wait for the manager to get back to me about the job
And I will go ahead and do the interview for the course 
But right now 
I am leaning towards doing the course
Even though it is a bit of a dilemma 
It's great to have options
It's great to be well enough to do these things
I feel like things are starting to come together for me
That my life is coming together 
And that is nothing short of amazing

I'd love to know what you think though
Your views and opinions 
So don't be shy 
Get in touch.... 


  1. To be honest, if you can get by without working full time for the moment, I think it's a better idea to start slowly. Learning to crawl before learning to walk and all that.

    If you can manage to do both the course and the job, that would probably be the best way to go. It would at least give you more options for the future, as you'll have gained some work experience, and you'll also have gotten some more education to put towards a future job. That will also keep you a lot busier, which I know from experience can be a huge help as far as day-to-day recovery.

    1. That would be the ideal thing Mich
      To work and study
      But I trust it will work out the way it's supposed to
      I'm letting it go for now

      I was super duper excited to get your drawing today
      OMG I love it!!
      You are so talented young lady
      I think I'm going to frame mine
      And put it up on my bedroom wall
      Thank you so much x

    2. Be sure and post a pic of it! Idiot me forgot to take a photo of it before I sent it. :/

    3. oh and TOUCH THE MUSHROOM if you haven't already

  2. I'm glad she was at least aware that the job might take a toll on you emotionally. It could be a very difficult, but also very rewarding, experience. At the end of the day, you have to put yourself and your health as top priority, and you're the only one who can make that call as to what's best. I think the course will set you a solid foundation for finding work, even if it starts as data entry or something similar, but the summer job would also be good to get a more recent reference on your resume.

    Just my 2 cents :)



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