Saturday, 30 April 2016

The Toe, The show and other stories

My mother had her surgery yesterday 
My sister brought her to Dublin on Thursday 
And the operation happened early yesterday morning
My Dad stayed here while they were away
And we busied ourselves cooking and cleaning 
And generally making the house nice and comfortable for her
They arrived home today late afternoon
Mums foot is bandaged tightly 
And she has to wear an orthopaedic sandal
We helped her in to the house 
And on to the couch
The general anaesthetic has made her very ill last night 
So she just had tea and toast and water 
We sat and chatted for a while 
Mum told is all about the hospital and the staff who were nothing short of brilliant
Then I helped her put away her things 
And in to her pyjamas 
She's not as incapacitated as I thought she would be 
She can use crutches 
And get to the bathroom ok
But she needs to help changing her clothes and things like that 
So right now me and mum are in the living room 
She is relaxing 
And I am blogging 
She will need a lot of looking after for the foreseeable future
But I don't mind one little bit 
She has often done it for me

Mums operation has been a great distraction for me 
Given what is happening tomorrow 
The show in my equestrian centre
The dressage show to be more precise 
Myself and Star are making our debut!
I can't lie 
I am nervous 
I really don't know what to expect of the show 
I'm hoping there won't be too many people there 
As lots of people make me anxious 
I basically have to do a routine with Star 
There are different letters around the arena 
And you walk or trot depending on the instructions 
All in all 
I've only done the full course about five times 
And I definitely dont know the course of by heart 
But look
I will give it a go 
It will be fun
And good experience for me 
Myself and Star are building a nice little relationship 
And he has started to co-operate with me 
Which is great 
So I spent the evening getting my clothes  ready for tomorrow 
Eilish gave me some proper riding boots
Which I cleaned up 
I'm wearing olive coloured trousers
A grey top
And a grey fitted jacket
So hopefully I will look the part

I'm off to have dinner
Wish me luck tomorrow!
I promise beaucoup de photos....


  1. Oooh good luck for tomorrow! Can't wait to see lots of photos! Xoxo

  2. I'm glad to hear everything went smoothly :)

    I can't believe the dressage show's come around so quickly! I'll be keeping you in my thoughts. Make sure someone takes lots of photos!



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