Saturday, 30 April 2016

Z is for Zodiac!

And so we have reached the end of the A-Z Challenge 
I actually Googled words beginning with Z
And zodiac immediately jumped out at me 
I was born in early September 
So I am a Virgo
According to the zodiac
Virgos are perfectionists 
If you want something something done 
And done well
Ask a virgo

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac to be exact
And that's they way virgos like it: exacting 
I am forever the butt of jokes for being so picky and critical
But our attention to detail is for a reason
To help others 
Virgos more than any other sign, were born to serve 
And it gives us great joy 
We are tailor made for the job
As we are industrious, methodical and efficient 
My sister is always slagging me how I do everything in fast forward 
As quick and efficiently as possible
Our sense of duty is great
And ensures that we will always work for the greater good 

Virgo is represented by the Virgin
Although this association should not be taken literally 
We tend to take on some the qualities of the Virgin
Things like modesty and humanity 
Some might consider us repressed
Although Virgos would argue that it is a noble quality 
As opposed to a negative one 
As a Virgo
My brain is in overdrive most of the time 
Which is why we get so much done 
Virgos are able communicators
And use their mental strength to maximum advantage 
All of this brainpower can make Virgos prone to skepticism 
And can even lead to the type of overthinking that can lead to over kill 
Virgos enjoy studying a situation in great detail 
Whether it's in work, a project or relationship 
We are truly interested in understanding things 
Virgos are also neat and clean, reliable, and practical and oh so useful to have around 

The element associated with the sign Virgo is earth
And in keeping with that
Most Virgos are grounded, salt of the earth types
Virgos do enjoy material possessions and are picky about what they bring in to their lives
While Virgos can be worriers 
We do our best to temper these impulses 
If left unchecked this nervousness can lead to hypochondria 
For that reason Virgos are extremely health conscious 
And many choose a health or medical career 

When it comes to love, Virgos are able to loosen up somewhat 
And are devoted to their partners 
Even if they can be a bit jealous 
The great strengths of the Virgo is in their practicality, sharp mind and attention to detail

With all that said
I was wondering about you 
What star sign are you?
Are you a typical one?
Do you read star signs?
Do you believe them?
Inquiring minds want to know....


  1. I am a Gemini and therefore I am brilliant :D

    We're talkative (well, when I'm not nervous), quick thinkers, and intellectual, and I think that it fits pretty well. I have a complete horoscope based on my birthday, -time and -place and it is very accurate.

    1. I think so too CP
      That is you all over
      So are you June?
      My sister is a Gemini too x

  2. I was born on the cusp, which means I'm between Virgo and Libra. A drunk psychic once told me that the Virgo-Libra cuspers are the Hannibal Lecters of the Zodiac...

    I definitely associate more with the Virgo side. You and I sound very alike.....

  3. Interesting comment re Virgo-Libra cusp - I was just going to say my brother is a Libra but near the cusp and many of the traits you listed I can easily apply to him. Not the Hannibal Lecter, though, unless there's something he wants to tell me . . .

    Here's what I think about astrology. On the surface I would say no, it's bunkum, it's hooey. But when you make a list like this, and start thinking of those you know who are of this sign, so many things fall into place, it sure makes you wonder! I'm a Pisces, BTW. Also on cusp of Aquarius. When I was young, astrology was very popular (1970s). I still have a cheap ring I bought and a few other fishy gew-gaws. I always wished for a different sign. Just couldn't warm up to the fish.


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