Monday, 23 May 2016

What is happening to blogger?

Is it just me 
Or is blogger really quiet of late?
It just seems to be like a bit of a ghost town 
Where it was once thriving and buzzing
Now it's eerily calm and quiet
I guess blogger is not cool anymore 
Twitter and Instagram are really where it's at
I don't really use any social media apart from Blogger 
I've never really been a fan of Facebook
I do have an account 
But I rarely use it 
Or even look at it
It's just not my thing 
I don't use Twitter or Instagram either 
But am thinking about joining one or both
I am not the most technically minded person 
But I think I could get the hang of it
There was a time 
Not too long ago 
When I depended on blogger for so much 
For support with my ED and addiction
And for social interaction 
As I was getting precious little in my real life
My blog was about sharing my story 
And to meet like minded people 
There was a real buzz about blogger a few years ago
But that seems to be diminishing 
And there is only a small core group of bloggers left 
Where have all the others gone?
I don't know 
I'm hoping that they have moved on from the difficult place they were in
I'm hoping they are now in recovery 
And don't need the support of blogger
I'm hoping they are in some kind of recovery 
I just hope that they are ok
Some of these girls I was very close to
So it's quite distressing when they vanish in to thin air 
The truth is that some of them will have recovered 
Some will have one foot in the disorder 
And one in their ED
And some will still be up to their neck in ED behaviours 
I would love to hear from some of those who have disappeared 
So if you are out there 
If you are reading
Do get in touch 
I would love to hear from you 

With all that said 
I was wondering about you 
Do you use any other social media?
Which ones do you use?
Are you like me 
And really miss some bloggers who have now disappeared?
Are you in touch with any of them?
Inquiring minds want to know.....


  1. I find certain areas of blogger can be quiet from time to time... it goes in waves ...

    I am a social media fan, I am on Instagram, Twitter and Google+... I am on FB too but I don't go on that a great deal either xox

    1. Hi Launna
      Good to hear from you
      I guess you are right
      Sometimes it's busy
      And sometimes not

      I am considering joining Twitter
      How do you find it? X

  2. I don't think I've been on blogger long enough to notice a change...although I have noticed that some people have vanished in the last few weeks. It makes me sad to think that blogger might be dwindling. I've changed blog platforms several times because of that...from yahoo 360, to myspace to xanga. LOL! I'd like to hang around blogger for awhile because I have found some really amazing people here.

    I have a facebook but that's all. My blog is where I'm (for the most part) anonymous and can post anything and everything. Facebook is a bit too public for that. Several of my family and coworkers have no idea about some of the things I write for now, it's just best to keep it that way. ;)

    1. I find FB really anxiety provoking
      So I tend to avoid it
      I am thinking about Twitter or Instagram though
      I just need to find out more about them..... X

  3. I think it's all part of the cycle. There's busy times and quiet times with a lot of variables. Overall, I don't think it's quieter than it was a year ago.

    I only really use Blogger. I have Facebook, mainly for private messaging as I never post any more. I used to use twitter and all that, but not for a while. I prefer the in-depth-ness of Blogger to 'fast food' social media.

    I'm in touch with a few bloggers who stopped posting. Unfortunately, a lot of them just disappear. This is probably my main use for Facebook - keeping in touch with other bloggers.


    1. True Bella
      I guess like a lot of things
      There are busy times and slow times
      Are you still on Twitter? X

  4. Facebook kind of sucks, I really only keep an account because I need for the page for my books. Instagram is fun, though. I've been trying to use it to get generate some more interest in the books. Seems like the younger crowd uses Instagram more than anything else. If you ever go on Instagram, let me know! User name is caelesto (and elk_and_owl for the books). I gave up on twitter, it just confuses me.

    It could be that time of year as far as blogs going quiet. The younguns are busy with the end of the school year and everyone else is starting to do summer things (at least in the northern hemisphere). Also it seems to be the nature of ED blogs to go silent without warning...

    I'm glad you keep blogging. <3

    1. That could explain it Mich
      I hope blogger isn't becoming defunct
      Do you have any tips about Instagram ?
      I am seriously thinking of opening N account x

    2. I'm now following you on Instagram :D

    3. I don't know about tips... I just like looking at photos from friends and family without the drama of facebook. :)

  5. Snapchat.that's what we use, women

    1. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use snapchat, but thanks to my friend's 6-year-old everyone I know gets lots and lots of snapchat messages of Sophia being ridiculous...

  6. I remember this from before! I think blogger has always had dead times, and then picked up again.

    There does seem to be quite a big ED community on Instagram. I've had Instagram for three years because I like to be down with the yoof and that. Instagram is easy because you just download the app on the phone, take a photo and write shit. I don't feel I has the same 'depth' as a blog post though. I never post about my ED, or engage with the community there, but I do lurk.

    Like Bella, I do have a few bloggers/ former bloggers on Facebook, and I am in touch with a couple who have left. Some are the same, some are worse, some are doing better. The one I wonder a lot about is Rayya. She disappeared and I have no idea what happened to here. She didn't seem well and I worried a lot about her.

    I never got on with Twitter because I never understood it and didn't like to be limited to 140 characters because I have so much to say! I do have Facebook though, and use it quite a bit! Blogger is the one place I feel free though, and feel I can be totally honest, Facebook I feel I have to be super positive all the time, or silent, but I have been more open about my mental health struggles though, and have had a lot of love and positivity from people that know me in real life, which has actually been surprising and really nice.


  7. Hi! I've been reading your blog for a little while. I'm starting a recovery blog from the perspective of someone who has been recovered for a while. If you're interested, it's at
    Haha, based on these comments, I may have missed the wave on this one, but it's ok. I'm just writing bc I found myself wanting to say so much in comments on other blogs that I just needed an outlet to get all my thoughts in order without writing whole blog posts in other people's comment sections, if that makes sense.


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