Thursday, 25 August 2016


Today is Thursday 25 of August
Which means tonight is my staff party
Every year
Towards the end of the season
They head out for a well deserved treat
Last year they went to the races
But this year we are going to, wait for it...
Yes Bingo!
Why on earth are you going to Bingo I hear you ask 
The two house keepers at work are avid Bingo fans 
And this is their last year working before they retire 
So we decided to do something that they would enjoy 
We are meeting in a pub this evening at 7pm 
Then after a couple of drinks 
We are heading to Bingo for 8pm
They will most likely go back to the pub afterwards 
I am both really looking forward to tonight 
And dreading it in equal measures
I won't be drinking 
And I have been thinking about how I'm going to manage that 
In reality
I don't need to explain myself to anyone 
But I know I am going to be asked what I want to drink 
And I'll just be asking for a soft drink 
Really it's no ones business whether I drink or not 
All I need to say is that I don't drink

I'm getting my hair done at 3pm
I'm getting some braids on one hAlf of my head 
And I'm going to wear a sleeveless shirt with jeans and some smart trainers 
For me 
Comfort is the priority 
I spent too many years 
Trying to be someone I wasn't 
And let me tell you 
That is utterly exhausting and soul destroying 
Thank the Lord that I don't have to do that any more 
Any way 
I will go 
And do my best to have a good time 

I better run 
I will post tomorrow to let you know how it went 
And of course to share some photos with you....
That is a given
Talk soon 
And see you on the next post....


  1. Have fun!!

    I wouldn't worry about the drinking as far as what other people think. I know a ton of people who don't drink alcohol simply because they don't like it. Probably no one will even take any notice.

    I hope you win. Are there prizes if you do? I won 10 euro at bingo last time I was in Achill. know you're in Ireland when the entire village shows up to the weekly bingo at the pub xD

  2. Have a blast at the party! Can't wait to hear all about it...and see photos of your hair, sounds amazing! Don't worry about not drinking, it's others who have the problem, not you, you're strong enough to stay strong, I believe in you. Thinking of you loads, hoping you're having an amazing time! Xxxxxxx

  3. Most likely people wouldn't ask or notice


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