Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Day 3 Horsemanship

Just a very quick post 
As I am on the bus on the way home
To let you know that I started my course on Monday
And so far it's going pretty well
The day is long enough
9 15am - 4 15pm
The first half of the week is spent in the classroom 
Doing modules like goals, communications and such
Thursday and Friday are spent in the stables 
Learning everything about horses 
So I am excited for my first day tomorrow 
There are 14 in my class
Nice and small 
We are all at different stages 
But another girl started with me on Monday
The first question everyone asked me was had I horse riding experience 
I played down the riding I've done 
As I don't want to look a fool if it all goes wrong 
But I did say that I had been learning to canter 
Which if I'm honest 
I regret saying 
Most of the people in the class had very limited experience of horses
Apart from the other new girl 
Who used to work in a trekking centre 
So I'm thinking she knows her stuff
Monday was tough though 
I'm getting a bus in to town at 7 50am
So I'm up at 7am 
And it's pitch dark at that time 
Then finding my classroom
Meeting the other girls 
We have three breaks in the day 
Which is great as the day is broken up in to chunks 
But during the breaks on the first day 
I didn't know where everyone went 
So I spent my breaks alone 
Sad I know 
But yesterday the girls asked me to lunch so I gladly went 
And they are all lovely 
All animal mad like me 
So we have that in common from the get go
Today was good as we had a different teacher 
Who taught us all about the horses tack 
And the the anatomy of a horse 
So I enjoyed that 
I'm hoping that I might be able to get a later bus in to town 
As they seem pretty flexible about what time you show up at
In fact it's all very relaxed and informal 
I guess we are all adults 
So the onus is on us

I will update properly at the weekend 
Appologies for being AWOL
But it seems life is shooting forward at break neck speed
But I know there are things I need to iron out 
Like the fact I'm not eating during the school day 
And I'm finding it very difficult to manage meals at the breaks 
The thing is 
I know I won't last if I don't fuel my body 
And the next thing will be that I'll get ill or weak 
But look
These are all teething problems 
I'm sure it will all work out sooner or later 
A big thank you to all the lovely ladies keeping our community going 
You know who you are 
Alright that's me
See you on the next post...


  1. So happy to hear you are riding and learning so much about is wonderful fun and horses are so healing as well! I miss them so much! Glad you have made some friends as well.

    Enjoy! :)

  2. I'm so excited for you, Ruby! I'm glad you seem to be enjoying it as much as you thought you would.

    Have you been packing snacks for the breaks, or just relying on what's available on campus? Even it it's not ideal, taking little things you really enjoy might help set the pattern.

    Enjoy the rest of the week! :)


  3. It is SO nice to hear you living and enjoying life :) I hope you flourish on this course, and enjoy it to bits x


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