Thursday, 15 December 2016


I happened to check my blog statistics this morning
Just out of couriosity
And I was very surprised to see that this humble little blog of mine had a total of 1,116 hits yesterday
I'm not entirely sure what my daily average is
As I don't check my statistics too often
But this number struck me as pretty high
Especially given how quiet blogger has been lately
And how erratic my posting has been
Don't get me wrong
I'm not complaining
I'm just wondering if this number is correct
I'm also wondering about you and your blog
Do you check your statistics regularly?
What is your average daily reading?
I'm interested to see how many people are in fact reading our blogs
So yes
If you would check your statistics and get back to me
I would really appreciate it
Thanks in advance!
Proper update to follow in the next couple of days ...


  1. I quit checking my stats after google started encrypting everyone's searches. I always found it amusing the way some people stumbled onto my block because they googled "girl in electric chair" (that search got me the most hits....). But now you can't see what search terms anyone used. BORING.

    990 hits today. 600ish yesterday. But I think most of them are spambots hitting old posts.

  2. I don't check my hits much, but lately my posts are showing 30-50 views apiece. I'm starting over on a new profile so I'm sure that will drop.

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