Monday, 20 February 2017


As you may know
Eating Disorders Awareness Week starts the 27th February running until March 5th
Mary contacted me last week
To ask me if I would be interested in doing a couple of interviews with local press
So today I did a phone interview with a local newspaper 
It was all done on speaker phone 
And Mary was interviewed too
I hope we did a good job
As I'm very aware when doing these things that I am speaking for our whole community 
The interviewer was lovely 
Very kind and gentle 
And asked very intelligent questions 
Not just looking for the gory details 
I was quite a nervous nelly this morning 
But I was delighted to do something that might help others in the same situation
The press officer for our national health service gave a press release today 
And I was asked to supply a quote
I write a few lines about the myths surrounding EDs
And encouraged those suffering to reach out and seek help
I am doing an interview on local radio next Monday morning 
That will be challenging as it will be live 
But again 
I am privileged to be speaking for our community 
I don't know if these publications will be on line 
But I will certainly keep you posted

I was away this weekend 
And I missed my dogs and Coco something serious 
Can't wait to see Coco tomorrow
And it will be intetesting to see how he reacts when he sees me
I spoke this morning about how much animals have helped in my recovery 
My dogs 
My horse riding 
They are a huge part of my life now
And really make life worth living 

Must dash
Just wanted to let you know about EDAW
See you in the next post....


  1. Picking up the previous thread, maybe the blog title will change one day to "and then she rode horses..." or something?! Your blog can be any theme you like, and your title is delightfully malleable! You could use it partly metaphorically if you wanted, "and then she rode free...", "and then she took the reins and rode free..."; maybe you or your other readers will think of something.
    I hope you had a good week.

    1. Hey that's awesome

  2. I am so happy, RUby, that you seem so happy! You seem to be in a good place, and gods, do you deserve it. Love you, friend.


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