Saturday, 18 February 2017

The next chapter...

I have been feeling that my blog is coming to a natural end
It's five years now since I started writing 
And it felt like it might be time to stop
Where once I relied so much on this blog
And the people here 
Now I am living life 
And don't rely on it as much 
As well as that 
Blogger is so very quiet 
And i tend to use Facebook more
So I had been thinking about writing my last post
When it occurred to me
I can still write 
But instead of focusing on my eating disorder and addiction
I can write about what's happening for me now 
Because there is lots happening
I'm in a group on Facebook called Friendly Horse Chat 
And that's mostly where I post now
I asked the lovely people there 
If they would be interested in reading my blog 
And I got a great response 
So I will share the link with them
In other words 
I'm not going anywhere 
Just taking a different path

I'm away for the weekend 
And I have to be honest with you 
I am missing Coco something serious 
I usually spend my Saturday with him 
So I feel a bit lonely for him
I know it's only two days 
But I don't feel right until I get my daily dose of Coco
We went to a musical last night 
And I spent the interval watching videos of him
I have  it bad 
I love that little guy so much
And I will probably text his owner today to see how he is 
But of course I'm missing the dogs too
That goes without saying 
Things are going well with Coco
He even got me a Valentine's rose 
I know it was from Cocos owner 
But we will pretend it was from Coco 
I think I am making progress with him 
He seems quite comfortable around me now 
And has no problem thoroughly investigating me every time I visit him
I usually bring Lea or both dogs with me 
And we all run around the field like lunatics
I love to see Coco having fun
Running and bucking and frolicking 
It's such a lovely sight
I am learning like a complete looper running around the field 
But I really enjoy it 
And that is the main thing

In other news 
I've done four weeks of my horse course now 
Two more to go
I'm loving it 
And even though it's mostly stuff I've done before 
It's great to go over it again
The last few weeks I've been in a new riding group
With two other girls 
We all canter so I guess it makes sense to put us together 
I am thoroughly enjoying riding again 
My confidence had been knocked in my course before Christmas 
But I feel I am back feeling good again 
The last two weeks 
I've been on a new horse called Leroy
Who is a big boy
But a gentle giant with it
It's been so exciting riding a new horse 
And it feels like it just works 
Like it's all coming together 
I've also been thinking about the horsemanship course I was doing
And I think I'd like to go back to it at some point 
I feel like I have unfinished business there 
I will wait and see what happens 
Life has been taking me on such unexpected journeys recently 
So I'm excited to see what happens next
Life is good at the moment 
I feel happy and content 
I spend my days with the animals in my life 
And I just love it!

So yes 
I am sticking around for the moment 
I would have to stop writing this blog 
As it has been a life line over the years 
And back a few years ago 
Blogger was buzzing 
And it was really exciting to be part of it 
Now it is so quiet 
Which is a shame 
But I guess like me 
People have gone in to use other social media 
Like Facebook and Instagram
If you are interested 
I am goon to keep writing 
And let you know about my recovery rather than my illness 
Or if there is anything you would like me to write about in particular 
Do let me know 

Eating Disorders Awareness Week is coming up soon 
My counsellor Mary has asked me to do a couple of interviews with local newspapers and radio stations 
Which I will do 
I was also contacted my a journalist from a national tabloid newspaper and asked to do an interview 
I am unsure whether to do it or not 
As they have already asked for photos 
And I'm pretty sure they will be after the gory details like numbers, food diaries etc
But in fairness 
The journalist who contacted me has been quite tactful 
And says she wouldn't want me to do the interview if it would hinder my recovery 
I said I would think about it over the weekend 
But I was wondering what you guys thought 
Have you ever done an interview?
If you were me 
Would you do it?
I am very reluctant to give photos 
But I would be willing to give a head shot of when I was ill
I don't think I would be comfortable sharing a full body shot
I  would love to know your thoughts

Also before I go 
Hello and welcome to all my new readers!
I hope you get something from my blog and it's a pleasure to have your company 
Happy Saturday everyone!
See you on the next post!


  1. Dear Ruby,
    Thank you for posting. I missed hearing the updates about CoCo, horses, and your life now. I don't read your blog out of interest in illness; I would much rather read about a healthy Ruby than a sick one! It is lovely to hear of the fun things you are doing. Sure, I wouldn't have found your blog if you had not been sick; but I would not be so interested in it now if you still were....
    I am glad that your life now is more about horses and joy than about purging and despair! And guess which of those is more fun to read about...?! ;.)
    I am not on facebook, but I still check for updates here.
    Still, it should not hold you back -- it should only be something you do if it enriches YOUR life. But reading about horses is great if you want to write about them too!

    1. Hello anonymous,

      Thank you for this comment and for your honesty
      I'm so glad you would prefer to read about recovery rather than the illness
      And you are right
      It's a hell of a lot more interesting than writing or reading about the trials of disordered eating
      I hope they are more that feel like you
      I will keep writing anyway

      Thanks again, I appreciate it

      Take care


  2. SO glad you are still writing! you know that there is no copyright on fb? all the photos and texts you post can be used by them how ever they please?

    1. What do you mean Julia?
      Who can use them? X

    2. Well anything you post e.g. photographs literally belongs to them. We were even warned at uni not to post our texts in our group but to email them to each others. It is in their general business terms but hardly anyone reads them, and they (fb) hardly use anything so random - i do not assume you post something worth publishing there anyway. but still. I think facebook is very dated, and i do not like the idea of being monitored 24/7 and leaving my data somewhere - attainable for the next 200 + years. I miss your blogging here. xxx

  3. Hey Ruby :) good to see that you're still writing! It makes me smile to see how much better you've gotten in a few years <3 school keeps me busy but I'll try to keep myself updated with you guys once in a while
    Take care dear!


  4. Hi Ruby, I think you should write when you feel like it, your life is pretty busy but it's great to hear updates from time to tome... I am happy to hear you are enjoying so much time with horses xox


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