Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Underneath your clothes

I've been thinking about how rarely I let my true self out
There are very few people who I am my true self around
I mean where I can just be me

I can draw comparisons between my personality and the clothes I wear
On the outside I don't take any great risks with fashion
I wear mostly jeans and baggy jumpers
Safe and not very original but it's how I feel most comfortable
I have way too many pairs of jeans
Every colour
Every shape
Every size known to man
But underneath my clothes lies another layer
My underwear says a lot more about me than my outer clothes
It's colourful
Clashing colours
I wear little shorts
Orange with leopard print
Purple with stripes
I've never been a matchy, matchy type person
I never match my bra with my pants
I don't tend to wear regular bras
I love boob tube bras of different colours
And socks
I love a crazy pair of socks
I wear knee high socks all the time because my legs get cold
My favourite are stripy socks
I have about a million pairs
I always notice a man's socks
I think it says a lot about a person

My clothes are a lot like my personality
On the outside I blend in
I try to fit in
Be one of the crowd
Don't offend anyone
Don't upset anyone
I like to be liked
But peel back the outer layer and you will find that I'm far from normal
Not as safe and boring as you might think
Underneath there is a crazy chick
Only you won't get to see that until I feel really comfortable around you
It might take a while
It might take some work
But it's worth the wait
I promise you

What do your clothes or your underwear say about you?


  1. I love clothes, shoes and jewelry. I try and look dressy almost every day. I do not have to dress up for work but some days I do. I have like 20 pairs of jeans. 50 pairs of shoes lol. I am bad about clothes. but funny my under clothes are very plain. not matchy either dont have time. Nice to see ya bad btw hope your break helped.

    1. I love jeans too Linny
      I'm all about comfort
      It's taken me a long time to find a style that I'm comfortable with and I wear what I feel good in

      I didn't really take a break in the end
      I felt lost not writing so yea I am back x

    2. My socks are all faded black...What does that say? Convenience? I wear a lot of tees and jeans.

    3. I think it says that you need new socks! x

  2. That's kind of cool that underneath your clothes you have awesome undies, while we're on the topic. Everyone has their own style. Ugh I could go on and on and on about my clothes. Um, I'm a weird mix of alternative/edgy, and classy. I'm trying to get rid of all my clothes from high school, and as I'm going to be 20, I should start dressing like I'm in my 20s, you think?

    1. Yea I should really dress my age too
      Everyone says that I look way younger than I am x

    2. Why is this so important to you that you keep on repeating this over and over again? It happens to a lot of people all the time who are small and skinny, just because of their body shape, regardless of their faces. Also this perception/delusion (even IF others say so) is common with ana-sufferers. Do you regret some years? Do you want to go back to a certain age? Are you afraid of responsiblility?

      Just a thought.

    3. I don't really understand the question
      Repeating what?
      That I look younger than I am?
      I wasn't aware that I was repeating myself

    4. I think she is referring to dressing your age. I think you should dress the way you feel comfortable. Age should not be the determining factor in how you dress.

    5. No, anyone should dress however he/she pleases, oh please! I just meant it strikes me how many times you keep on repeating in your texts how young you think you look or how many people tell you how young you look.

    6. Sorry, I didn't mean to snap
      It's just really hard sometimes to tell what someone means in text because you can't tell their tone

      I really wasn't aware that I was repeating myself in that way
      My short term memory is non existent

      I hope I haven't upset you? x

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    8. i keep on repeating that i have adhd over and over again. I probably kind of like the fact that i have it. although i do destest it ever so often. so what? i think the only thing worth thinking about ruby,honey, is that you say "everyone says" everyone says lots of things, or as the old model saying goes "i was told i was too fat, too skinny, too young and too old all in one day" f'it what others say. if you think you look younger - fine! great! what the others say should not matter at all.

    9. arghh..what i really wanted to say was, i dress really preppy, sometimes 90s, but mostly preppy but my favorite underwear is always always agent provocateur. i am addicted!

  3. I love this post. I can totally imagine you in crazy undies Ruby! :P

    My wardrobe used to mean a lot to me. I'd sewn a great deal of it myself, and people knew me for my long flowing skirts, leather boots, steel-boned corsets that cinched my waist in 6", and my long black leather coat.
    Nowadays I dress differently. I can't keep up a nice wardrobe when I'm always expecting my weight to change. I still wear a lot of black, but leggings and short skirts, sometimes lacey delicate tops and warm cardigans. My clothes still say a lot about me, but not as much as they used to, and a far different message.

    My underwear isn't necessarily as expressive. I like to match, and always wear black. I like lacey undies, but these days it's 'whatever fits'. I love my knee-high socks though, and they're always colorful. Red and black stripes are my favorite, but I also like purple/black and skull prints.

    Sending lots of love and a big hug to you dear <3 xxxxx

    1. Yes I remember reading that you make your own clothes
      That is an amazing talent to have
      I love corsets although I've never actually worn one

      I love knee high socks too
      The crazier the better

      Lots of love to you too dearest x

  4. I love it :) crazy prints rock!

    I'm a strange mix of bohemian and edge with a bit of alternative depending on the day. I think this pastel trend was made for me actually because the colors and the lace look great on me, which I've never had it all tie in so easy when I decide to buy something. I still love getting super hero shirts. I always prefer a dress because they're pretty but still comfortable and I hate jeans so they have to be somewhat looser, definitely not skin tight. I also like work out clothes. The surprise is my socks; they're always bright or patterned or have spiderman on them. :) underwear has to be the least amount of fabric because I hate the extra layers on my butt and pants haha.
    Comfort and edge.
    What's actually more revealing is my piercings. I have the dermal on my chest and by my eye and my nose done twice and many in my ears. Then I have tattoos. It makes me feel like I belong in my skin. I stand out but still look appropriate. Those are my real fashion set apart. :)
    <3 huge huh

    1. I don't have any tattoos
      I've thought about getting one but I just couldn't decide on one
      It would have to mean something special like a quote or a prayer maybe
      My ex boyfriend's brother was a tattoo artist but I wouldn't let him near me, he's not a nice person

      I think you have a very distinctive look
      It really suits you x

    2. There is nothing wrong with a few well placed tattoos. I have a whole sleeve. I get a lot of compliments on it.

  5. My clothes are always bright. My closet is a rainbow of colours, the brighter, the better. I enjoy wearing dresses, especially when on holiday. I like to think my clothes say I am vivacious, friendly and carefree. Even though on the inside I feel dark, panicked and alone.

    1. I love that!
      I wear a lot of navy, grey and black
      I would love to break out and wear more colour x

  6. Oh dear, blogger ate a comment while I was typing. I go for crazy socks & undies, too! I love bright colors, stripes, spots, patterns. Argyle socks. Love the knee-highs too, and colored opaque tights.


    The real Ruby is someone worth fighting for.

  7. I love this!
    What you choose to wear does say a lot about you.
    I'm like you in that I don't take fashion risks on the outside- much. I've branched out a bit. But mostly it's plain jane kind of stuff.
    And my underwear is the same way- except for everything I've bought recently, which is loud and fun.
    I guess it means I feel more confident!
    I hope you can bring your underwear spirit to the rest of the world! I'm sure they'd love it :)

    1. Was just talking with Mary about this today
      My goal for this week is to break out of my hoodies and wear something colourful x

  8. Why the hell don't you be you more often? You sound fucking AWESOME!

    I tend to dress depending on how I feel. I'm normally comfortable-tomboy-scruff, but I also have 'dressy' 'freakish' 'hippie' and 'goth' modes. It's weird.

    OMG SOCKS. I'm a knee-high-sock fiend too. Can't get many good ones here, though :( I have to wear 2 pairs of socks at all times or I lose circulation to my feet. That and to keep my shoes on my feet. Narrow feet SUCK.

    You have NO IDEA how much I want to knit you socks from funky loud self-striping yarns. That would require foot measurements, though, to make sure they were long enough and not too baggy. Custom-fitted socks are the best thing you'll ever wear. Well, best thing next to a big floofy dressing gown.

    I know a few groups of people here who would most likely love to meet the Ruby Underneath. You'd get on with them like a bushfire. Most definitely.

    Love you to bits, Ruby <3

    1. Wow, I would just love a hand made pair of socks
      I've never had that pleasure

      Mary says that our EDs hide our true personalities
      I hope that's true and I am not really a scared little girl

      Peri, as ever you made me smile today

      Muchas gracias senora x

  9. P.S.

    Yes cuppa and Ruby Hugs would be PERFECT.

    I'm the same, I hate seeing animals hurting. At least people can tell you WTF is going on, animals can't.

    Thank you for the amazing comments. Cheering you on too, can you hear? It's really high-pitched so it should carry at least to spain :p


    1. I can hear it Peri, every time I read your comments

      Looooooooove yooooooooooou toooooooooooooo!! x

  10. My ED seems to have taken me away. When people talk about their anorexia as in it being a completely separate being I get worried because I find it really difficult to do this, if not impossible. I am in recovery and I feel so lost because anorexia was my identity. I wish I knew there was a crazy me under the veneer of anorexia but I cant find it :(
    I've just started a blog about this

  11. not only do i believe you will conquer this, i simply KNOW IT



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