Saturday, 26 April 2014

Strandhill April 2014

I spent a lovely day in Strandhill yesterday with my Mum, my sister, my nephew and Honey and Lea
The weather is great at the moment so we made the most of it
I was reluctant to go as it was a 40 minute drive and my confidence is low at the moment, driving included
But I pushed myself to go and I am so glad that I did
I thoroughly enjoyed myself
Here are some photos from the day

I left an anonymous letter for someone to find


  1. You and your mum are so precious!!

    It looks like you had a lovely time, and the coast is so beautiful there. I'm glad you were able to enjoy yourself... and you've now inspired me to go make a cuppa :)

    1. My mum is kinda precious, he he
      She has been featuring in my blog a lot lately
      Mainly because I spend a lot of time with her

      Enjoy your cuppa my lovely! x

  2. It is good to get out with family Ruby... I am glad you enjoyed yourself :)

    I wanted to let you know that I will be taking a blog/media break for a while... I need to figure out how to sleep again :)

    1. Thanks Launna

      I totally understand you needing to take a break, the internet can be all consuming
      Enjoy your break and time with your daughter

      Take care and I hope you get some much needed sleep

      Til next time x

  3. So proud, you decided to make yourself go out that day.... What a great pictures, You seemed to have okay weather too? And what a cool coffee/tea place!!
    I've read your comment on the last blog too, and I do have an blog, but in Dutch so that might be a little problem, though we could also see it as somewhat of a challenge ;-)

    For now, I wish you more days like the one in this blog...Sunshine, people you love and the more dogs, the better...

    Love again from The Netherlands
    (and I do not wear wooden shoes!)

    1. Thank you!
      I am so glad that I made the effort to go
      As I was driving to my sisters I had talked myself out of going but then decided to go as I knew my dogs would just love the beach

      I did check out your blog and translated it
      I got the gist of it and it's great, keep writing
      I also think you're English is really, really good

      Lots of love from Ireland x

  4. Oh that's so wonderful that you not only pushed yourself, but also had a good time! Love the pics. I have a big soft spot for cute shops with cool treasures in it. I especially adore the coffee sign- my big weakness! :) xxx

    1. Hello dear Destiny

      Yes, I love quirky little shops like this one
      I loved the coffee sign too, I wish I liked coffee, I've tried, I really have but I go back to good ol' tea always

      Take care x

  5. Well done on getting out of the house Ruby dear. I really love your coastal pictures. The scenery is so different here, I'll have to take photos for you one day. I love the cards and the "life's too short to drink cheap coffee sign" - you find the quirkiest little shops!
    I hope you get your confidence with driving back soon. My mum's been bugging me to start driving lately and it shits me to tears. I've driven all of 2 minutes when I first got my learner's permit five years ago, then I had a panic attack...
    Lots of love and hugs to you sweetheart <3 xxxx

    1. Thanks you Bells,

      I would just love to see photos of where you live
      I know Australia is such a beautiful place
      So vast and diverse

      Yes, driving can be really nerve wrecking
      My nephew wanted to go with my on the way back but I had to say no as I would literally die if something happened while he was in the car
      I have to say though I felt great after driving
      It was boost of confidence or sure

      Love to you too dear, always x

  6. WHY IS IRELAND SO BEAUTIFUL? It looks like you had a nice time. Love you dear, take care.

    1. It is beautiful sweetie, it truly is, I am lucky to live in such scenic place

      Love you too x

  7. Congrats on pushing yourself to go! That's so tough sometimes! Looks like it was a great day :) Take care!



    The only way you'd be able to drag me away from wombling along to tide line would be with coffee. Mmmmmm.


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