Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Clothes Post #5

As you know
I was away at the weekend
So I took the opportunity to buy some more clothes
In the actual size that actually fits me
Rather than trying to squeeze myself in to tiny sizes that no longer fit me
I really wasn't going to post these photos when I saw them
As I don't think that I look my best
But here they are anyway
Make of them what you will........

Navy jumper - Superdry

Navy t-shirt - Brakeburn

Red  T-shirt - Brakeburn

Navy hoody - H&M


  1. That red tshirt is such a gorgeous color on you! Goes really well with your skin & hair color!!
    Love all the clothes Ruby.

  2. You did not FEEL your best - but looked lovely!

  3. i love your jeans! and yes the red is def your colour. i have a problem with jeans like others have with shoes.have them everywhere always searching for the perfect pair.once i thought id found them and got very exited until the friend i was with pointed out i was already wearing them! jo x

  4. You look great in the navy t shirt! Hope you feel better about yourself, you deserve to <3


  5. Some wonderful choices.....I am new to your blog...I love all the wonderful quotes on your side bar. :-)

  6. Lookin' good Ruby! I love the navy t-shirt especially. Reds and blues really suit you.


  7. You are absolutely beautiful Ruby. It does my heart so good to see you fighting and winning <3 <3

  8. you look beautiful
    i know its hard
    but keep fighting
    cuz thats what we do
    we are fighters
    either fighting ourselves or for ourselves
    but thats what we've been doing our whole lives
    i know that you have power
    you can do anything


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