Saturday, 29 November 2014

Random Facts

You all know me quite well by now
I don't censor my blog is any way
And make it a point to be nothing but honest
You all know that I am a recovering addict
And that I struggle with anorexia and bulimia
And even though sometimes it doesn't feel like it
There is a lot more to me than my conditions
So I thought I would share a few random facts with you
And hope that you will share some with me
Here goes......

I am the youngest of 4 children

I have 2 older sisters and an older brother

My first pet was a cat called Wanda

I grew up in a semi detached house in the midlands of Ireland

My bestfriends were two sisters that lived two doors up

My house was not a happy place growing up

And I wasn't close to any of my family

Even a a child I knew that I had an addictive personality

I studied ballet up until the age of 16

I also swam for my county and won a bronze medal in the all Ireland's

My favourite subject in school was English

I never went to college

I'm afraid that I am not very smart

I have one nephew who is 14

My first job after school was working in a camera and photo developing shop

When I was a teenager I loved going to raves/clubs

I first took ecstacy when I was 15

My first boyfriend's name was Michael

We were together for 8 months

I've always loved reading

And writing

I used to be a night owl, now I am more of a morning person

I get really annoyed with myself if I sleep in in the morning

Even though I do not surf, my style is kind of a surfer look

I love to clothes shop

I smoked for 20 years

I was a 30 a day smoker

I am clean and sober 5 years

I first became aware of my ED when I was 18

I was in denial for a long time

I am a tv addict

My favourite shows are Breaking Bad and Orange is the new black

I love music

All types of music

I love Bat for Lashes, Rudimental, Eminem, Lana Del Ray

When I was young I wanted to be a vet when I grew up

I'm a dreamer

Next spring I plan to walk part of the Camino with my sister

One of my dreams is to open and run a dog friendly Bed and Breakfast

I've been in treatment 8 times

But I've always done best when I got well from home

I'm not very good at managing money

And I'm really bad at saving

I'm convinced that I am fat

My favourite cuisine is Italian

My favourite food is probably beef stew

Talking in front of people terrifies me

I am quite shy and quiet at heart

But when you get to know me I am quite the chatter box

I don't use Facebook

And don't really see the attraction of it

I've been blogging for two and a half years

And I absolutely love it

My sister came home from Australia this summer

She was there for 12 years

I've been to Australia twice

I would love to go travelling

And I would love to live in the US for a time

I write much better than I speak

I recently got my first iphone

I'm thinking of getting my first tattoo

I might get a sunflower on my arm

My parents have been separated for 15 years

They get on much better now

I don't know if I want to get married

But maybe that will change if I meet the right person

If I lived in my own house I would have lots more animals

More dogs

And two donkeys, I love donkeys

I'm  not religious but would consider myself spiritual

I am afraid of myself sometimes

My favourite films are The Lost Boys, Sideways and The Godfather

My party trick is being able to do mirror writing, writing with both hands, one going left, the other going right

So there are a few random facts about me
What about you?
What are some random facts about you?


  1. Random facts?

    My favorite color is pink, I really love it. (but not to wear)
    I got my i Phone two months ago, it's and old one from my sister in law.
    I have two nieces, they're 6 en 4.
    I have a younger sister (the one with the kids) and a younger brother.
    I love Italian food. I hate chocolate. I am a vegetarian.
    I collect certain things. I am really shy and don't like talking out loud.
    I love music. Lately I like really noisy stuff. I like tv and movies.
    The love of my life died in our house eleven years ago. I still think about her daily.
    I have been blogging since I was 16 and I am 34 now so... do the math ;-)
    I am a registerd nurse, I have worked at the NICU for many years. I have many allergies. My joints are over-flexibel so they go in and out of place.
    I can't live without diet coke. I love Starbucks and when I come to Dublin my goal is to buy a Starbucks cup ;-)
    I love reading, I usually read a few books a week, the best gift I got in 2013 was my ereader.
    I have never even lit up a cigarette, never smoked. And I don't drink alcohol. Also, I don't have my driver's license.

    Is this random enough?


    1. This is so cool A!
      I loved reading this and finding out more about you
      I feel like I know you little better
      You have lived an eventful life
      That is for sure
      I will bring you to Starbucks when you come to Dublin
      I might even get a cup myself
      I love cups!

      Thank you A
      This is amazing! x

  2. The Lost Boys and The Godfather are awesome movies! There are so many great movies from the 70s and 80s.

    I really loved reading this. You are so much more than your ed & addiction. Every person is so much more than their inner demons (and everyone has those... I don't care who you are). They are part of us but they don't define us.

    Some random facts about me...
    I'm 22. I studied English at uni. I waitress to earn $ and I suck at saving too. I've never left the North American continent, I don't have my driver's license but I have my passport. I am probably addicted to music. I love all kinds, and I know it's boring not to go into what kind of music I like but I'll share some tunes soon.
    I'm a recovering bulimic and in the last four years have had some relapses and a hospital stay (that wasn't for bulimia though).
    I used to smoke cigarettes. I quit for 2 years then started buying packs again this past summer, but I stopped that and now occasionally smoke when I'm drunk.
    I'm vegetarian. I love dips, like salsa, hummus. I also have a sweet tooth. I also love thai food.
    I still party hard but don't drink as much. I paint. I enjoy going to concerts.
    If I had a time machine and could hang anywhere at any point in time, I would go to California in the 1970s, Europe in the early to mid 90s for the fall of the Berlin Wall and the raves in the UK, Southern US in the 1960s, & late 1800s New York.

    If you had a time machine where would you go?

    1. Thanks for this Lola!
      Great question
      If I could do back in time I would go back to the 60's in California
      I love the music and clothes from that time
      All that hippy vibe
      I would love x

  3. love this. My facts:
    I'm 24.
    I have one older brother (26).
    My favorite colors are green and purple.
    My favorite cuisines are Thai and Indian.
    I drank a lot in college but never did any drugs but weed.
    My favorite teacher in high school was in math, although I HATED math.
    Marriage freaks me out but I would like to get married someday.
    I also write better than I speak.

    Your party trick is insane!! I don't think I have a party trick...

    1. Thanks for this Kaylee
      Your random facts are awesome
      I'm sure you do have a party trick
      You just have to discover it x

  4. Hey Ruby, this is an amazing post and I enjoyed knowing a little more about you.
    Here's some random facts about me:
    I'm 27 years old
    I'm engaged and will probably get married in a year or so
    I've been riding horses on and off since I was about five
    I got my gown horse for my 18th birthday
    I have Aspergers Syndrome Anxiety and Depression
    My fiancé so has Aspergers Sundrome
    I collect things
    I am building my own library in my room
    I've been writing fiction since I was about six and I have been trying to get published since I was fifteen
    Because of my dad's job I've moved house thirteen times in twenty-three years
    My favourite cuisines are Italian, Indian and Japanese
    My favourite movie is Beetlejuice
    I hate sour lollies
    I love to travel and I've been to Thailand twice, Singapore, The Isle of Pines, Lifou and Vanuatu
    I love cooking and baking
    My mum and I foster kittens together
    I have a dog, a bird and three cats
    We have one male foster kitten left
    I'm good at saving money
    I suck at maths
    I have tried to join both the Army and the Police Force
    I'm still looking for a job
    I love to sing and I used to play the piano
    I don't have a party trick unless holding a hoola hoop up for longer than ten minutes at a time counts

    1. Thanks Anne
      I love that you are building a library in your room
      That is amazing!
      You have some really cool amazing facts x

  5. Are you happy with your body? No problems with fat, eat and sport? You shouldnt be unfriendly to me. I can all your problems solve, because ive help some people good.

  6. I love the random facts about everybody...
    But the ongoing replies from ac.... makes it hard....

    1. I know A
      It's really out of order for this person to so this
      I am hoping that they give up sooner than later x


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