Sunday, 30 November 2014


I know that I shouldn't feed the trolls
But in this instance I can't help myself
This post is directed at anaschallenge
You have been leaving comment on my blog
Asking me to join a weight loss challenege
And I know you have been commenting on other blogs too
I've asked you already
And I will ask you again
Please stop commenting
You are upsetting me and my readers
We are too busy fighting this illness
And do not have the energy or the inclination to court it
I have some doubts that you are a real person
As your English is pigeon like
By all means
Go ahead and have your weight loss challenge
But don't expect me or any of my friends to take part
Please stop commenting
You are upsetting people who are already upset enough


  1. And also,

    Forcing people to go to your blog, AC does NOT in any way make them voluntary join you.
    It just means you manipulate very vulnerable people. And it is your loss, your defact that you don't realise that. And that your intention is to hurt people even more and get them in more trouble. I hope all of the common bloggers do see this...

  2. i think this person (if this is a person at all) has severe mental problems that are far from being "simply" ED& whatthef***ever related (i would assume, but her "language" is very hard to understand) but he/she/it is NOT at all aware of it. i think she/he/it should be blocked&ignored.

    Ruby darling thanks for your email, get back to you once this essay/assignment madness is slowing down a bit!

    Love you!!!!

    1. No worried hun
      I know you are working hard
      Just wanted you to know that someone across the water is thinking of you
      And sending you love x

  3. Ah Ruby I think she means well, though extremely inconsiderate. But she's not understanding that we have different mindsets and that you are recovering. I've comments from her too.


  4. *claps* I only received one comment from this person, but oh well. Ignore it and it will go away eventually. Take care dear.

  5. I agree.. It really pisses me off that this person goes on blogs - specially recovery blogs and keeps asking them to state their weight, hight ect..

    And for me.. I mean srsly - I am pregnant, why would I even want to join a challenge.. I looked at her blog, and it sickens me.. I really hope none of the people I follow/follows me joins this persons, cause he/she is up to no good.

    it also annoys me that I can not block this person since they are not a follower.

  6. Thank you for posting this Ruby. I don't trust myself to reply to them without getting angry, and god knows they aren't worth the energy. You know, the whole "if you can't say something nice" thing. I think I've had six comments from them in total. It's just sad that deleting their comments caused them to bombard me even more. Even blocking them would be pointless on such a public website.

    I read some pages on their blog and it's just wrong. They will go away eventually, when they realize we're not like that. I think they must've wandered into the wrong part of Blogger ;)

    Lots of love to you <3

  7. I remember her. I got severely pissed when I read a comment from her left on Bella's blog. my blood boiled.
    I just looked at her page...not happy. oh, and I would say a million things but I won't. I just get pissed like super easy.

    "We are too busy fighting this illness
    And do not have the energy or the inclination to court it." I love this. I fucking love this. it's poetic even. I just wanted to say this. as a writer and an amateur poet, I had to point it out.
    you're brilliant.
    hold on and take care, Ruby.

    -Sam Lupin


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