Saturday, 3 January 2015

Scale disposal

So the holidays are coming to an end
The last of our visitors leave on Monday
Today will be the last busy day
The two weeks have flown by
And even though it was a difficult time
There were some rays of sunshine
Having my sister here was awesome
Just having her around makes it a bit easier on me
Since coming home the focus has been on her
All the relatives want to talk to her
So I can relax a little
And stay in the background
Where I am more comfortable
Other comforts came in the form of my parents
My Auntie B
My dogs
You all here on blogger who have rallied around me
And been the most amazing support

I've been on dodgy ground lately
And I guess my doctor helped matters by changing my medication to be dispensed daily
That means I can't mess around with it
And that is good in my book
My head feels a lot clearer today
I  feel a bit more determined and focused to get back on track
I know what need to be done
I have been down this particular road many many times

But first things first
This morning I have to go to the chemist
Then I'm off to meet my friend for coffee
I haven't seen her since the day we went to Dublin
So I am looking forward to seeing her

This post is just to let you know that I am not giving up
Or giving in
I feel a bit stronger
And  bit more able today
There is hope
There is always hope
I haven't come this far just to throw everything away that I have worked so hard for
Weighing is not helping matters
I am thinking about getting rid of the other scale in my house
As I feel compelled to stand on it every morning
And it is driving me bananas
I just can't decide how to dispose of it
Do you have any ideas?
I threw my last one in to the lake
And that was very satisfying
I don't know
I will think of something

I better go get a wriggle on and get ready to go out
Do let me know if you can think of any creative ways to get rid of my scale
See you on the next post......


  1. Scale + left-over New Year's fireworks = EPIC!

  2. I always find hammers very useful for items that don't immediately shatter to pieces when flung down on something hard cx ps welcome back Ruby

  3. So glad things are looking up a bit. And I didn't mean to sound so lecture-y in my last comment. You know, I hope, that it comes from a place of love.
    I ran my scale over with my car, that was quite satisfying. First I bashed it with a hammer but it was pretty indestructible. Let us know how it goes!

  4. I'm going to smash my scale with a sledgehammer. We have a lot of various tools in our garage, but maybe if you have something heavy enough. Throw it until it breaks enough? I find destroying things can be very therapeutic.

  5. You are stronger than I dear Ruby. I can't rid myself of my scale, and I'm ok with that I guess. But a couple years ago when T was really pissed at me for freaking out over a couple oz's that I gained, he took his katana to it, put a whole right through it. Yeah, it still works. So I don't suggest that =0


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