Friday, 27 March 2015

Anyone out there?

My goodness the blogosphere is quiet these days 
Do you find that?
Hardly any new posts pop up in my reader
And it seems more and more people are abandoning their blogs 
I still wonder what happened to Rayya?
And so many more
I'm wondering why it's so quiet at the moment 
I mean is it just a lull?
Or is blogger old news?
Is Instagram and Twitter more popular these days?
I guess people prefer to look at photos
Rather than read a body of text
And here in our little ED corner of the blogosphere
We are all about the story
More so than photographs

Do you find it quiet at the moment?
Why do you think that is?


  1. Well, how did you first start finding other blogs when you started yours?

    When I get in a slump, I like to set aside some time to some serious blog surfing. Whose blogs do you really like? Go to their profile and check out the blogs they follow. Click on every one that doesn't sound familiar, open 20 different tabs, check a few posts to see if it's something you might like.

    Unfortunately it's never been easy to find others on here, compared to sites like tumblr that seem to be endless. I think it's also just part of the cycle, some times of year are dead quiet and others are hectic. I still wouldn't trade our little Blogger community for the world, though.


  2. I'm still here :) I have nothing worth writing or saying most of the time, but I still enjoy reading blogs. Hope you're doing ok Ruby. You're one strong girl x

  3. I follow a few blogs on wordpress and there's usually something new in my reader everyday. I don't follow any blogspot blogs- I just pop into the few I read regularly!


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