Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Eloise Parry - Diet pill death

This is Eloise Parry
A normal 21 year old
Student at university
The world at her fingertips
At least it was 
Until she began taking diet pills

Much of the following is from the BBC website

The mother of a student thought to have taken highly toxic diet pills bought online has appealed to others not to consume them.

Eloise Parry, 21, from Shrewsbury died in hospital on 12 April after becoming unwell.

Police say the tablets were believed to contain dinitrophenol, known as DNP, an industrial chemical.

Eloise's mother Fiona said that it was 'an awful way to die' and people should not take the drug in any quantity.

Glyndwr university student Eloise initially attended A and E after taking more than the recommended dose of tablets.

Her mother told the BBC that the pills appeared to be Eloise's little fix adding, 'this allowed her to achieve her Superskinny appearance but it cost her her life'.

Fiona Parry said she had no idea her daughter was taking the pills until after she died describing them as bad news.

Eloise had walked in to the Royal Shrewsbury hospital herself and there was no great panic until a toxicology report revealed how dire her situation was.

As the drug kicked in it made her metabolism soar. 'They attempted to co her down but they were fighting an uphill battle. She was literally burning up from within, when her heart stopped, they couldn't revive her. She has crashed. Two tablets was a lethal dose and she had taken eight'.

Dinitrophenol or DNP is highly toxic and not intended for human consumption.
An industrial chemical, it is sold illegally in diet pills as a fat burning substance.
Users experience a metabolism boost leading to weight loss but taking even a few tablets can be fatal.
Signs of acute poisoning include nausea, vomiting, restlessness, flushed skin, sweating, dizziness, headaches, rapid respiration and irregular heart beat.

I was shocked but not surprised to hear of Eloise's death
I heard a statistic today that one in ten people have bought diet pills online
I know I have
A few years ago I bought two bottles of ephedrine on line
The recommended dose was to take two a day
But me being me I took about twelve
I thought I was going to die that weekend
I was so ill
Throwing up so much that my body was convulsing.
Never again

But I'm sure many of us have bought pills on line
Anything that promises weight loss is appealing to us

I just hope that this poor girls death serves as a warning to others not to buy diet pills on line.


  1. When I lived in the US ephedrine were still legal and for a time I lived on diet pills and ice cream. I lost a tremendous amount of weight and I also had the worst heart flutter imaginable. It's a miracle I didn't just die.

    1. I know CP
      I also wonder how I didn't kill myself with various diet pills
      They are utter poison and filth
      This poor girl obviously didn't realise how dangerous they really are x

  2. me too don't think there is anything that works though really,in the end we all know it ,
    its scary what can happen xx jo

  3. It really is Jo
    That poor girl died trying to be thin
    It seems so wrong when someone else does this
    But yet we continue to do it to ourselves x

  4. and what makes it worse is someone passed away at work today (work with young adults with disabilities) only early 20s,made me feel so sad but so guilty, why can't i value the life I've been given? why can't i just be normal? he was always smiling despite so much suffering.sorry just feel bad tonight,want to be ok again.this is such a selfish illness,don't want to upset anyone,just feel so bad tonight.

    1. Oh I am sorry to read that Jo
      That must have been really tough
      But I can relate to you
      We always value and see the good in others
      But we don't see it in ourselves
      And we are so cruel to ourselves
      You are a beautiful person Jo
      You've been such a good support for me
      And I value you as a person and as a friend
      And your job
      You do such an amazing job
      Helping others
      You are selfless
      Am always here if you want to email me
      Don't hesitate if you need to vent ir chat or cry

    2. thanks ruby, you too, will be ok tomm xx

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