Saturday, 23 May 2015


I'm not hugely technically minded
I know enough to get by
But there is awful lot that I don't know
When I first started blogging
It took me quite a while to get used to blogger
A lot of it was trial and error
When I was blogging over on Wordpress
I never quite got used to the dashboard 
And so came back to blogger
To and then she disappeared
Like I always do
As this blog feels like home 

Apart from my blog
I don't really use social media
No Tumblr
No Instagram
No Twitter
Not even Facebook
I do have a FB account
But I think I might have posted twice in my whole life
And I do use it to message people
Or sometimes I have a scroll through my news feed
Sometimes there is something funny or inspiring
But most of the time it's random stuff that people post
I guess I use my blog to let people know what is going on my life

Looking at FB has the power to depress me
Sometimes it seems that everyone is leading this amazing adventure of a life
Photos of everyone dressed up 
Drinks in hand
Smiles on faces
Or photos of their little ones doing something super cute
Couples walking hand in hand on the beach
Someone getting married
Someone else on holiday in Italy
Facebook would have me believe that everyone is living life to the Pepsi Max
A stark reminder that I am not
So that's the main reason I avoid FB

As you know 
I blog everyday
I like to write everyday 
As it helps give my day some structure
I know it's not always riveting stuff
But there is always some little drama playing out

I was wondering about you
Do you use social media?
Which ones do you use and why?
Is there a reason you do/don't use it?


  1. I am myself as "Tempest" on Blogger and Tumblr. I am myself under my artist name on FB, which I've recently allowed to cross over with the blog world by friending a few people I trust from the blogosphere. I only got a FB account when a childhood friend found me through my brother's FB profile.

    I share a different part of me on FB. I have always tried to keep it light and clean as my FB friends are a small circle of family and friends including people from my conservative childhood. Recently I've decided I've been too closed off (I do not friend random acquaintances) and have opened my FB up to theater friends/acquaintances. I've also been troubled enough by some current events in the U.S. to post a lot of intense, polarizing information on police brutality and racism. I've lost two "friends" because of learning their perspectives on those events via FB.

    I don't use my real name on any social website because I don't want anyone who happens to know my name (i.e. coworkers, patients, abusive former family, ex) to be able to find my personal information on the internet. I limit my social circles because I want to be able to say what I want to say and because I don't like fakey small talk. I've only been very active much on FB in the last 6 monthsish? My level of enthusiasm for it waxes and wanes.

    I'm in a weird limbo right now where my only real activity is work, and I've been struggling with getting myself outside to do things on my days off. FB helps keep me connected with people, even though it's in a small way.

    P.S. Sorry I've been a bit rambly lately. You're posting a lot of things that get me thinking.

  2. Oh I'm glad to read that I got you thinking
    That is always my goal

    I don't use my real name here on blogger although my name is very similar to Ruby
    The first two letters are the same though
    I do use my real name on FB
    That's probably why I don't use it very much
    There's a great freedom in being able to write without anyone knowing who you really are
    And I have that freedom here
    I do post photos of myself from time to time though
    So my blog isn't anonymous really

    I know some people have abandoned their blogs when their identity was compromised
    And left blogger completely

    I love the way you think Tempest x

  3. Blogger is my main social media thingy too (yeah by my language you can tell how into social media I am not ha ha ha!)

    I do have a Tumblr and Instagram account but never use them. I have Twitter but only use it to share my blog posts. And I have Facebook - I know you said you never use it but if you want to add me, my name on it is 'Angharad May'. I must admit it's a good way to keep in touch by messaging people.

    Take care Ruby, go easy on yourself xxx

    1. Annie remember the blog we had over on Wordpress?
      Unfortunately it didn't last long but at least we have it a go
      Oh yes I will add you on FB
      I think you know my real name
      So you'll know it's me

      Take care of you too
      Hope you're feeling better x

    2. Yeahhh Partners in Crime! You're right that Wordpress is a lot harder to navigate than Blogger. I don't even know how to log on to our account any more, do you? We could always go back to it if you fancied? It was good to work together partner! Can I write to you as in snail mail? Xxx

    3. p.s. can't wait to be FB friends!!!!

  4. I have two Social Media "lives" i guess.
    I have my public one (Facebook and Twitter) accessible to anyone really, my family, my friends, my colleagues etc. basically my "in real life" people contact.
    Then I have my private one (Tumblr - though i don't use that much any more, Blogger...) In my private one I have my own little community formed around it and Joe is the only "in real life" person that knows about my blog.

    There is a little bit of an overlap as I don't mind adding trusted people from my private life, in to my public life (as long as they haven't got their blog linked to their facebook, for example, because I'm scared of someone I know browsing through it and seeing me on the comments or something)

    I go by the abbreviation of my real first name (whatever there are a lot of Mandy's) followed by Devoidde in my private circles, and change the names of people I know so that the people I don't want to can't find their way there by googling names related to me.
    In my public circles though, I use my full name.
    I admit I use facebook a lot. For class, for family, to contact people I haven't seen in forever, to share articles and cute pictures, everything. I'm a sucker for facebook, and I'm quite active on twitter at the moment too, but that goes through phases.

    I suppose there is an aspect of my life that I want to have a say in who knows about it and who doesn't, and there are certain people that, if they read my blog, I would then not feel at liberty to talk so freely, and I don't want to loose that, so I'm careful about who gets the link.
    I have control over this part of my life, completely, and that gives me a sense of security.
    Take care my dear.
    Oh and if you want to add me on fb or something, drop me an email and I'll give it to you ^-^

    Love you to bits
    Mandy xx

  5. Nope. I used to have FB but I got rid.of it. I guess i got into it when it was pretty new. It was OK but It is often used by people to pose and I don't like the competitive spirit driving a lot of posts. That kind of fakery I'm journeying away from. I'm not saying ALL people do it but certainly a lot in my circle. Since a lot of my ED stuff was in part because I grew up in a family where outside appearances mean everything (they still deny it) I as it is quite triggering for me. Having said that it's a very good way to keep in touch and.i have lost touch with some nice people.

    I had a blog but I work in am area where my identity can't be known. Mostly though I got sick of all the people commenting who were a bit crazy. I wrote about a plastic surgery nightmare I had and I attracted a lot of anger from people who are totally PRO boob jobs. I can tell.from their anger and tone they are really deluded and just convince themselves they've gone on the right path.

    I may start another blog but right now I'm not able too. I'm happy just to enjoy other people's stories.



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