Sunday, 24 May 2015


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

Every time I begin to lose my head
Every time I think I am going to crack up
Everytime I think I can't stand being in my own head
Or my own body
I stop
Deep breathes
Gather my thoughts 
And say this prayer
It gives me a couple of seconds to regroup
To collect my thoughts 
And remind myself of these words

I don't know where I would be without my supports 
My family 
My friends 
My meetings 
My higher power 
My dogs 
My doctor
You lovely ladies
It's a collective effort
Everyone does their bit to help
I know that I can't do this alone

What helps you get through the day?


  1. My main thing that gets me through the day varies on where I am in my life.
    Now it's my work. The two classes I have with George on a weekend keep me going the rest of the week. I plan them, I look forward to them, and getting through the week, my reward at the end is to teach.

    There are so many other little things that I have to remind myself of when it gets tough though.
    My cats, my dog, they don't live with me here in my flat, but I live to see them again when I go back to my mothers house.
    The support from my friends, both in real life and on here.
    My family, who I miss so much.
    My little bouts of alone time where I disconnect from the world.
    It's silly but tv shows help me too. I think to myself that I HAVE to know what happens next, so I have to make it to the next episode next week XD
    I joke about cups of tea getting me through the day too, but it's pretty true actually.

    You are right it is a collective effort, and it's all about the little things, remembering the simple things that make our life a little brighter.
    Take care my dear, I hope you are feeling well

    Mandy xx

    1. OMG!!
      Tea gets me through the day too
      I drink copious amounts of it
      I make a cup like every half an hour
      So I am with you there Mandy

      Thank you for your continued support my dear
      It means so much
      I am doing better
      Feeling brighter every day.

      Love x

  2. What gets me through the day?
    Hobbies, family, God, hope for a brighter future. I also chant in the car "everyday in every way I'm getting stronger and stronger". I lift weights, i cook good meals, I watch and listen to motivational CD/DVD.

    But honest to God sometimes it not enough. Small things can make me really down. I'm learning how to change my self talk. Not easy.

    Now that I don't do all the ED things or anything else controversial if I'm having a really bad day I buy clothes online. I can hardly afford it but it's a minor way of rebellion.

    1. I do that too Shelby
      I'm a terror for buying clothes on line
      I just love getting a package delivered to my door
      It's like Christmas all over again!

      But you are right
      Sometimes it's not enough
      Sometimes we lose the head anyway
      I know I do..... X

  3. The utter, absolute faith that there is something else in the future, a place where I fit in and thrive. That is what keeps me going, that one day it'll all be good.

    1. I get that CP
      I have blind faith too
      That there is more for me
      And as you say
      A place we can fit in

      Nothing but love for ya x


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