Monday, 18 May 2015

The Plumber

Some of you noticed that I mentioned a new Boy in my last post
So I guess I better explain

Just so you know
The new boy 
Who from here on in shall be known as The Plumber
Has absolutely nothing to do The Boy
Who is no longer part of my life

As you know
I have a neighbour who I do little jobs for
I'm over in her house a few times a week
A couple of months ago 
She told me about her plumber
And that he was a lovely guy
And very attractive
I hadn't seen him
So I paid little attention to it
But then last week
He was back at my neighbours house
Honey and Lea were out in the garden
Barking their heads off
So I went out to see what the commotion was
It was The Plumber
I apologised to him
And brought the dogs in
He said not to worry
I didn't get a proper look at him
But I did notice that he was tall and well built with dark hair
I went back inside
And didn't give it another thought

The following morning
I was over in my neighbours house
Chatting to my neighbour
She asked me if I had seen The plumber 
I said I'd had a quick look at him
My neighbour had a mischievous look on her face
As she told me that she had done a little investigation work
She proceeded to tell me that she had asked this guy was married
He said he wasn't 
Or if he has a girlfriend 
He hasn't 
He then asked her what was with all the questions
She told him that she was asking for a 'friend'
I was mortified that she had done this
She then told me that The Plumber said to her that he is approachable
What does that mean people????

My neighbour was having a great laugh to herself telling me all of this
She thought herself especially funny when she told me that he might let me 'hold his pliers'
I want to say I was shocked when she said this 
But I wasn't 
She is always up to mischief

I left my neighbours
And headed home
Where I told my mum and sister what had happened
They thought it was hilarious
And got great mileage out of it slagging me off
Telling me that he can 'fix my pipes' and the like ........
Now everytime I put nice clothes on
Or put make up on
They're all 'Is that for the Plumbr?'
I wish I'd kept my mouth shut

That's the story behind that
I'm not really looking for love
If it happens
Well and good
But I  happy enough the way things are
I mean I haven't even had a proper look at this guy
I wouldn't be able to pick him out in a line up
I guess it's of my neighbour
But I don't know if she's doing it for her own amuse  
Or if she really is trying to set me up
I am going to be so embarrassed if I see this guy again
As I'm pretty sure he will figure out who my neighbour was talking about

It's been so long since I had a boyfriend
I mean it's almost been a decade since I was in a relationship
I guess I've been too busy trying to kill myself
I forget what it's like to be someone's girlfriend

I was speaking with my sister the other day
She is a seriel monogomoust
Bouncing from relationship to relationship
She tells me that she doesn't like being alone
Where as I don't mind it so much
I mean I can't imagine sharing a bed with someone 
Having to turn off the light when they want to
Having them hog the duvet
I have a double bed
And I like to sleep diagonally across it
So there's not much room for anyone else
I suppose it's been so long since I've shared my life with someone
And you don't miss what you don't have

But I will keep my eye out for The Plumber.....


  1. Oooooh I'm starting to read this and I'm very excited hehehehe :D

    What a nice neighbour you have, looking out for you. Well he definitely SOUNDS cute.

    Aw family is so silly when it comes to things like that, mine is the same, it's very annoying.
    I don't think you have to worry really, if he's a good guy he will be fine with just staying friends if that's what you want if you get to know him, and it doesn't *have* to be anything serious, it can just be a little fun if you know what I mean.

    I have serious commitment issues, BIG time, I wont say this on my blog because I'm not ready for Joe to know this yet (he reads my blog) but I keep thinking of leaving him because the thought of spending my whole life with one person is terrifying to me.
    The past year, before getting serious with him I had a bit of a run of just having a bit of fun here and there, and it was quite refreshing.
    I was lucky to choose feminist guys who respected me and were looking for the same thing, ie nothing serious, and that was it.

    What I'm trying to say is that there's nothing wrong with anything you might want, in this regard, and there is really no pressure.
    Just don't over think it ^^

    Take care of yourself, and keep us updated :D
    Love you lots

    Mandy xx

    1. She is good really
      Always looking out for me
      It's just a bit embarrassing that my seventh year old neighbour feels that she had to intervene in my love life
      But if something comes of this
      I won't complain

      I just tried to comment on your blog
      But blogger is eating my comments again
      How annoying
      So I hope you see this

      I just wanted you to know that your feelings are your feelings
      And you are entitled to them
      What ever they may be
      I also have two sisters
      Both older than me
      And I know that the Middle girl has similar feelings to you

      I hope you feel ok after writing that post
      I want to wrap you in a huge hug
      And make you a hot cup of tea
      And have s lovely chat with you
      But instead you will have to make do with a virtual hug
      And all the love and strength that I can send

      You are amazing x

  2. I'm the same as you with my bed, I'd need one of those giant California king beds if I got married. With two sets of blankets.

    Most women I know are like your sister, never able to stay single because they don't want to be alone. I've never understood it.

    Your plumber sounds nice. We had a gorgeous one come to the house once, he looked like Shawn Michaels. He thought my taste in music was strange (I was working out to a mix of Abba and Slayer), so I probably never had a chance.

    Keep us posted!

    1. I will keep you posted Mich
      I don't know if I have the courage to ask him out
      I might have a break a pipe or something and call him out
      Or else get my neighbour to do some more investigative work x

    2. Yes, with how much space I take on a bed, I don't understand how tall people fit at all. For me to share, it's a bare minimum of queen sized! I like the two sets of blankets idea xD

      I should probably be more understanding, but I'd rather be alone than with the wrong person. It's hard for me to comprehend serial daters.

  3. Sounds like you should ask him out for a coffee

    1. If only I had the courage Shelby x

  4. always had a bit of a thing for guys with a trade, and those in emergency services sort of
    like being rescued i suppose' what am i like?. am a married woman..still bit of harmless flirting is always fun and he sounds nice,think finding a small plumbing problem in your home is the way to go! then see what happens,jo xx


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