Monday, 18 May 2015


Wearing: Blue jeans, blue and white hoody, Roxy high tops

Weighing: not weighing any more

Drinking: Hot sweet tea

Eating: Hunky Dory salt and vinegar crisps

Listening to: Aluna George

Going to: See my doctor

Watching: Undercover Boss

Talking about: Recovery and what else I can do to help myself get better

Feeling: Hopeful, optimistic

Taking: Methadone, Prozac, Olanzapibe, Mirtazapine

Wearing: New glasses

Thinking about: A certain boy (Not The Boy)

Going to: Walk my dogs 

Hoping: To get to a meeting later

Loving: Feeling free from the compulsion to use

Worrying about: What my weight is

Letting go of: Anxiety by telling myself that everything is exactly as it should be

Realising that: I am a good person

Afraid that: My life will never amount to anything

Reading: shopaholic to the stars by Sophie Kinsella

Wearing my hair: In a top knot 

Wondering: If I will ever meet someone 

What are you up to today?


  1. Stealing this and doing it on my blog too ^^
    You got me wondering about who the boy is now huuuhuhuuhuuu *nudgenudge*. Ok I'll stop now sorry.
    You ARE a good person and I love you to bits.
    I hope you have a fun day today ^-^

    1. Oh yes steal away
      Gonna go over and check your blog now
      He he potentially there is a new boy on the scene
      My neighbour is trying to set me up with her plumber
      And he is rather cute from what I have seen of him
      Will do a post on it soon to fill you in

      Love you too hun x

    2. hehe this made me smile and giggle a bit

    3. Oh I've so much more to tell you...... X

  2. wearing pyjamas on they go after work everyday
    weighing,dont think you like numbers but ate my own weight in chips last night
    drinking,too much diet coke
    eating'half sandwich,missed lunch
    watching all creatures great and!
    going to get my little girl out the bath..been 2 hrs loves water!±
    taking..brace yourself,olanzapine sertraline amitryptiline propanalol and zopliclone occasional diazepam crikey
    no glasses can't find them,can't see not as cool as yours anyway
    going to,get on with tea in a minute..mouths to feed
    hoping to sleep tonight
    afraid my life HAS amounted to nothing (yours won't)
    worrying,of course!
    hair/dont ask wind and rain

    wondering,what boy is ruby thinking about? (nosey)
    your friend always jo xxx

    1. Love this Jo Jo!
      And your life does amount to lots
      You're an amazingly kind and thoughtful person
      And I for one value you in my life

      I will do a post on the New Boy soon
      To fill you all in
      Don't worry
      It's nothing to do with The Boy
      Gosh this is getting very confusing x

  3. I've bummed around in pj's all day, desperately trying to fix the internet connection. Still haven't solved any world problems, though (I'll work on that later).

    I got your birthday card in the mail today! It sits on top of my screen so I can watch it all the time :)
    Thank you so much, Ruby!

    1. Yay you got it!!
      So glad
      And it got to you very quickly
      Happy birthday sweet one!!!!! X

  4. Wearing: Blue joggers, red university hoody, fluffy slippers
    Weighing: Am I allowed to post numbers?
    Drinking: Coffee and Pepsi Max (but not together!)
    Eating: Erm...does 'cuppa soup' count?
    Listening to: Fleetwood Mac
    Going to: Nowhere, agoraphobia currently stops me leaving the house
    Watching: BBC iPlayer on my laptop
    Talking about: Nothing - no-one to talk to!
    Feeling: Fat
    Taking: Venlafaxine, amisulpride, diazepam, thiamine, vitamin B strong, calcichew, forceval
    Wearing: pyjamas under my hoodie!!!!!!!!!
    Thinking about: overdosing
    Going to: stop eating like a pig
    Hoping: That the darkness will lift soon
    Loving: My little cat being cute
    Worrying about: Life
    Letting go of: Eating too much
    Realising that: I can change the way I feel by making changes to my life
    Afraid that: I will be like this forever
    Reading: Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling
    Wearing my hair: In a high pony tail and fringe clipped back
    Wondering: Whether things will get better

  5. Wearing:long skirt and cardigan

    Weighing: no

    Drinking: decaf

    Eating: toasted sandwiches

    Listening to: the birds in the trees

    Going to: attend to garden.

    Watching: motivational dvd

    Talking about: cheerful things

    Feeling: mixed

    Taking: vitamins

    Thinking about: applying for a certain course

    Going to: work this evening

    Hoping: To get my resume done

    Loving: the beautiful day

    Worrying about: whether I can work in my dream job

    Letting go of: regret

    Realising that: worrying doesn't solve things

    Afraid that: I can't

    Reading: about government corruption in the West

    Wearing my hair: in a sock bun

    Wondering: If I am am making the right choices


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