Monday, 29 June 2015

Good News!

Just a quick post this morning
Monday is doctor day as you know
My doctor wasn't very chatty this morning
He asked me how my week went
And how I got on with my new dose
I told him this week went better
But could he please not reduce my methadone this week
He agreed
Last week he said he was going to reduce it by 2mls a week
Which is quite a lot 
He made the point that we were hoping to be completely off it by next Christmas
And now that won't happen
I don't mind though
I would rather be on more methadone and be stable
Than be on less and messing around
So I am still on 36 mls
And that is just fine with me

I came home 
And wrote out some points for my interview this afternoon
They are going to ring me at 3 30pm
And my slot will last around fifteen minutes
I am super nervous 
I just hope I can do you all proud 
And speak honestly and openly
I will do my very best
That's all I can do

In other news
The postman came at about 11am
With One letter for me
My Mum left it on the coffee table for me
I immediately knew what it was
It was from my course
I slowly opened it
And scanned down through the writing
You know what?
I got in!!
I have my place on the course!
I am delighted to have made it on
Now I have some decisions to make
If I accept this place
My disability benefit will be stopped after one year
And I will have to go on Jobseekers
Who very much stay on your back about getting work 
When my payment is stopped
I can appeal it
But that is a nightmare of red tape that I don't want to go through 
The thing is
If my disability is stopped
It will be nigh impossible to get back on it
I was first put on this payment when I went in to hospital for the first time
My psychiatrist wrote to social welfare
And I was immediately put on disability
And it's great to be on it
As they really do leave you alone
No signing on
The money goes straight in to my bank account
No pressure from social welfare
And I also get a travel pass
Which saves me so much money
My case is reviewed every few years
And that is usually just routine questions 
So if I do this course
I will lose that payment
That security
And all the perks that go with it
It really makes no sense to me
But then that's this country for you

I do have other options
I could try and find another course
It's just that I had my heart set on this one
As its specifically for adults returning to education
It's part time
There's a lot of support
And it's near my home
I guess all I can do is find out all my options
Then make an informed decision
I have two months until the course starts
So I will try to make it work 

I am trying to kill time before my interview
It never ceases to amaze me
The things that have happened through my blog
It just goes to show
That if you are willing to put yourself out there
Wonderful things can happen....


  1. Sending you love, luck and heavenly blessings

    Xoxo shelby

  2. Congrats on getting into your course. I still think it's odd they stop payments for studying. Definitely work out all your options if you can.
    If you can post a link to the TV show, I'd love to see it. Good luck dear. I wish you all the best x

    1. I will ask them Anne
      I hope you all can hear it
      It's being recorded today
      So I will find out when it's being aired x

  3. CONGRATS-!!!!!
    But I'm not surprised, I KNEW you'd get in ; )

    Your new nickname:
    'RUBLY' [as in 'Ruby r♪cks RUTHLESSLY-!!'] :D

    <3 Jils

    1. He he
      Thank you Jils
      And I love my new nickname x

    2. ^ ^ RESULT-!!

  4. Congratulations on getting into your course and for yesterday's post abouy doing so well with your meds. You're such an inspiration!

    1. Aw thanks Amanda
      That means a lot x

  5. so well done on getting on the course, hope the interview went well and you weren't too nervous, love jo

    1. Thank you Jo Jo
      The interview went well I think
      I will post about it soon x

  6. Congratulations on your course Ruby!!! And the interview today - hope it went well! Be sure to post the link to the show when you have it!

    L xx

  7. Yay, huge congratulations for getting onto the course, what a massive achievement for you. Onwards and upwards now! xx

    1. Thank you so much Annie

      By the way
      Am so sorry I haven't replied to your email yet
      It's been difficult to respond as I don't want to hurt you in any way
      I will reply though
      I promise x

    2. Don't worry, you don't have to respond! I just hope we're friends for ever that's all! I don't get hurt easily.

      I've been thinking, is there any money you can get for being on the course? I know in Wales there's something called ALG (Assembly Learning Grant) which people over 18 can get if they're back in education. It's not much but it's better than nothing, it might be worth you looking into it if there's anything similar you can get. Take care. Xx

  8. I am BURSTING with pride over here, feel the pulses traveling from Spain, I knew it I KNEW IT, I all but punched the air when reading this :D
    Love you!!!!
    Mandy xx

    1. I can feel it Mandy
      I really can
      Thank you so much
      You are a treasured friend

      Love you too x

  9. So happy you got in!!

    That's weird they take you off disability just for completing one course?? Although I think your system is still better than ours. Here you could have a severed spine and be unable to walk and they'd still deny your application for disability.

    Let us know when the interview is up so we can watch!! I can't wait. :D

    1. I know Mich
      It's really ridiculous
      But that's this country for you
      We are backwards at the best of times

      I will of course share the link
      Thank you x

  10. Maybe it's also a possibility that coming off disability benefits would help you move forward. I'm not saying it'd be easy but your life seems pretty focused around being a patient and maybe it would help you with recovery to do this course and build confidence and actually start looking for jobs? Something you could manage. Just a thought.

  11. Sometimes i think that it could be good for me if all parents support and benefits were stopped. I would finally HAVE TO deal with everything myself. But what would i be then? Struggeling. Working. Invisible. Just like everybody else? I am scared

  12. Dear Ruby, well done! The comment above was only my reply to anon!
    You have done sooo well i cannot believe the government is PUNISHING you for making these remarkable changes! There must be a way! If they pay for a year you might still figure sth out then, and if the worst comes to the worst cant you get back on the benefit with your serious medical history???? Anyway, you are very inspiring!!


    1. I know
      It makes no sense really
      Now I just have to decide what to do
      But at the moment
      I haven't got a clue..... X


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