Monday, 29 June 2015

The Interview....

As you know
A lady called Dyna Fayz contacted me from Levant Tv
Levant Tv is a Middle Eastern tv station based in London
They were doing an item on eating disorders
And having found me through my blog 
Dyna wanted to know if I would speak to them
Along with a psychiatrist and the mother of a young girl with an eating disorder
I spoke to Dyna last week
She outlined what the discussion would revolve around
And what questions I may be asked
It all sounded really exciting
So I agreed to do it
Dyna informed me that the show was to be recorded yesterday
When they would ring me
And I would participate by phone
I also supposed them with a photo they could show their viewers while I was speaking

Over the weekend 
I wrote out some flash cards for myself
Subjects and topics and words to trigger my brain as to what to speak about 
Yesterday morning 
I saw my doctor
Collected my meds
But did t take any
As I wanted to be as alert as possible
Dyna was due to ring at 3 30pm
So my day was spent worrying and fretting
And generally being all over the place
I arranged my notes on the coffee table
Asked my Mum to stay in the room with me
And waited
Half past three came and went 
My nerves were shot
After 4pm
I got the call
A disembodied voice asked me to hold on for Dyna
I could hear the other interviews taking place
Mostly the psychiatrist
After another lengthy wait
I finally was put on to Dyna

I was super nervous
And I could hear the shake in my voice
She started off by asking me a bit about my story
I couldn't tell you what I said
It was all a blur
I do remember trying to speak clearly and confidently 
I didn't use any of my notes 
And mostly spoke off the cuff 
The mother of the young girl also asked me some questions
About whether the negative voice in her daughters head would ever go away
I tried to be as honest as possible
To give a realistic account of what it's like to live with and recover from an eating disorder
The presenter asked the psychiatrist what advice he would give me
He simply said 

'Find out what you want to be and be it'

I thought this was good advice
And is exactly what I am trying to do at the moment 

And just like that 
It was all over 
I couldn't quite believe it
As I hadn't said half of what I had planned to say
There was so much more that I wanted to cover
Everything written on my notes
The interview lasted about fifteen minutes according to my Mum who was in the room with me
But it felt like seconds  
They told me they would send me information about when you the show is broadcast
We said goodbye
And that was it 

At first I felt disappointed
Because I didn't say half the things that I wanted to say
I felt I had said very little really
But my Mum assured me that I had covered quite s lot
How and ever
I did my best
And I just hope that it will help someone just a little bit

I was completely wound up after the interview
Full of nervous energy
I rang a few people to talk it over with
I feel really good that I did it
Because I was full of anxiety about it
I'm really looking forward to seeing it broadcast
And hopefully I can share it with you too

It just goes to show 
The amazing things that can happen through writing a blog
When you put yourself out there
Wonderful things can happen
I write my blog everyday
Sending my words out in to the abyss that is the internet
I never know who is going to read then
Who is going to comment
Or email
Or get in touch with me
I wake up every morning looking forward to reading my emails
As there is always something interesting to find 
The aim of my blog was always to help others and help myself in the process
I really feel like my story has a purpose
That there is a reason why all this happened
You know?
If you want to check out Levant Tv
They have a Facebook page 
But otherwise
I will post the link to the show when I get it
Here's hoping it all turns out ok.....


  1. im sure it will help people and give them some hope, such a brave thing you did facing your anxiety,look forward to hearing more.lot love jo xx

    1. I hope so Jo
      I truly do
      Thank you for all your comments
      They mean so much x

  2. Good for you Ruby. I'm sure it was fine. Did your mum say it sounded good?

    I really like the psychiatrist's advice. It kind of sums up the process. Though the 'be it' part is the hard part, the ignoring of setbacks.

    Congrats again Ruby, I'm pleased as can be.

    Xoxo shelby

    1. Thanks Shelby
      Yes my Mum was in the room with me
      And she said it sounded good
      So fingers crossed..... X

  3. So glad you did it, and it sounds like it went really well!!! Can't wait to watch it. xo

    1. I really hope it turns out ok Mich
      I hope I did you all proud
      As I felt like I was speaking for everyone of us x

  4. 'Rubly-! Rubly-! RUBLY-!!…..'
    ; )

  5. That sounds very exciting! I'm glad you were able to put yourself out there, presenting an authentic and vulnerable account of your story. Everybody's story helps somebody, even if it's merely to let them know they are not alone, and that there is hope somewhere. I can't wait to view it once broadcast, I will be looking out for the link. And just like you, I too am trying to discover who I want to be, and then working at being free to be her <3

    1. That's true
      Everyone has a story
      And that story can help someone
      I haven't been sent the link yet but I will when I get it x


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