Friday, 24 July 2015

Amy, Amy, Amy.....

When I last left you 
I was just home from Belfast 
I took yesterday off
And only left the house to walk the dogs
And do a bit of food shopping 
I had last heard from The Plumber on Sunday
And he said he would contact me when I was home
For some reason 
I had a feeling that he wouldn't though
And I didn't get my hopes up
I live by the rule never to expect anything from anyone
Because then I am never disappointed
But lo and behold
Last night he texted

Did you get a chance to see what's on in the cinema?

Deep breathes
Try and behave like a normal human being 

Hey yea I did, is there anything you'd like to see?

Then instead of texting back
He rang!
I turned the sound off the tv
Try to stay calm
And answered the phone


Hello Ruby?

Hey how are you?

Good, you?

Yea good 

Was wondering if there is anything you'd like to see in the cinema?

What about Jurassic World?

I was thinking of seeing Amy, would you be interested?

Oh yea I would like to see that, do you know what time it's on at?

I'll check and get back to you

Ok talk soon


Amy is the documentary about Amy Winehouse
To be honest 
I was deliberately avoiding seeing this movie
As I though it would be too upsetting
I'm a huge Amy fan
And love her music
But I found watching her demise so very hard
And the fact that she had similar problems to me just makes it all the more difficult
But I will go
I was actually surprised that he wanted to see this movie 
If he likes Amy Winehouse
Then we have something in common straight away
And the other good thing is that he rings when he says he will
I like that
He's reliable 

So the plan is to go to the cinema tonight
And people I am a bag of nerves
But it's also very exciting 
I feel like a teenager again!
How I wish you all could come to my house and help me get ready
We would have such fun
And it would definitely help my nerves

 But again
I'm going to have no expectations 
I'll just go with an open mind 
And an open heart
And see how it goes  
At least we will have something to talk about 
What with going to see Amy
But the other thing is
That I'm not 100% sure what he looks like
I mean 
I have seen him
From a distance 
But I don't know if I could pick him out in a line up
So that will be interesting

I don't want to get my hopes up
But I do hope he's a nice kind guy
I hope we can talk easily
And I hope he's a good and decent person
I'm not terribly fussed about looks
Obviously I either will or won't be attracted to him
But I'm more concerned with his personality 

So now I have the whole day to wait 
I'm seeing Mary later 
And have to go in to town 
So plenty to keep me occupied in the mean time
I have my outfit picked out 
Which I will show you later 
And of course as ever
I will keep you posted....


  1. Ha, I'm as nervous as you are :D

    1. I know CP
      I need some serious girlie intervention
      How quickly can you get here....? X

  2. hi ruby so pleased you going,at least you have a busy day so will give you less time to think about it,if you are anything like me! i like to see this film too,although agree its not an easy watch. look forward to seeing everything crossed that all goes well,with mary too.lots love jo xx

    1. Thanks Jo
      I'm not thrilled about going to see it
      But I didn't want to tell him the reason why
      So I just went along with it
      But yes
      It won't be easy to watch
      Part of me is hoping that he won't ring today! X

  3. Good luck. I think it's good that he wanted to see a movie with a woman in it. Most guys I know would avoid that like the plague and be all like, "errr let's see the one with the burning police car in it". Lol. I have a pretty nice man but we don't watch the same movies :P

    Can't wait to hear more.


    1. Yes I think it's a good sign too
      At least we'll have something in common straight away
      Oh God Shelby
      I am so nervous
      Wish it was all over
      But I am looking forward to it at the same time
      It's just the waiting for it!

      Will keep you posted as always x

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  5. Good luck with the date.
    I'm so excited for you. I hope you enjoy the movie and have a good time together.
    Very excited for you xx

    1. Thanks Anne
      I hope so too

      I read your previous comment before you deleted it
      Hope all ok? X

    2. All okay,
      I'm just a bit finicky when it comes to typos and blogger doesn't let you edit comments.
      Was just letting you know that anything can happen so see how it goes. Can't wait to hear about how the date went

  6. YaY, its a date !!

    Don't worry about ennathg, Love, you'll do just fine-!
    just do a lot of breathing durrin the movie to get thru it; (sorry it's sensitive for you).

    I'll be thnkg of you [& I'll say a Prayer--OC !!]
    Thanks SO much for coming bk safely to us <3<3

    PS: STOP it! Stay CALM-! You're Lovely !! ; )

    1. Jils!!!
      I am just back from said date
      So wrecked
      But will fill you in tomorrow x

    2. -!! :D
      Cheers, Lovie-!

      [I'm away for Sнабат, but will be on pins n needles 'til 1er Day @ 04.31!!]

      He he I can feel your ♥ racing all the way from over HERE, fcol--musta bin Some Date-! ; )
      <3 jils

  7. Omgosh you got a date with the plumber guy!!!!!!!!! It's really happening!! I'll be thinking of you so much, praying it goes well, praying that the movie choice doesn't trigger/upset you and just praying for you to be ok in general with the whole situation. You're bound to be nervous, but I'm sure he'll be feeling the same too. Ooh this is so exciting, cannot wait for your next post to hear all the gossip!!!!! Wishing you all the best, have an absolute blast! All the best to you lovely Rubs! xox

    1. Thank you Annie
      Have so much to fill you all in on
      Until tomorrow... X

  8. Aww, so cute! I'm loving reading these updates. I was never a huge Amy Winehouse fan, but her story seems intriguing from what I've read.
    I'm so excited for you though! It's on! It's happening! Woo hoo!


    1. It has actually happened Bells
      I'm back from the date
      I promise I'll post first thing tomorrow x


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