Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Belfast Part 2

 Our second day in Belfast started early
We had our breakfast in the hotel
Which was a novelty for me
As I rarely eat breakfast
Then we drove down to the Titanic Centre
It was really an amazing place
So much information
So much to do and see
I have been fascinated by the Titanic for as long as I can remember
At the start they took our photo
And said we could collect it at the end
Which we did
You can see all three photos below 
After that
We had something to eat
And I bought a t-shirt in the Titanic shop
My nephew bough a hat

After that 
We went and did a tour of the Nomadic ship
Which was right beside the Titanic Centre
That was great too
We then dragged out weary bodies back to the hotel
And had a little rest
After that
We had dinner in the hotel 
And went to see Terminator Genisys in the cinema 
My nephews choice of course
Although I slept through most it
I really struggled with sleepiness on the trip
Most days I have at least one nap
But we were so busy in Belfast
I didn't get a chance
So a lot of the time I was fighting sleep

The next morning 
I woke early 
So went down and had breakfast on my own with my book
It was lovely to have some peace and quiet for a while
And have a few minutes to myself 
I just sat and read 
Eating tea and toast
And people watching 

After the rest got up and had breakfast
We decided to do a black cab tour
Which is a car tour of areas of interest
We booked it through the hotel
And we were told it cost €45 for an hour and a half
The tour itself was really interesting 
As you know 
There was a lot of trouble in Northern Ireland up until a few years ago
And up until recently 
It was a no go area
And was considered a dangerous place to be
So it's really great that we can visit there now 
Without fear of any trouble
The tour lasted two hours 
And when we were finished 
He told us that it was €90
We handed over the money without thinking
But then my sister pointed out that we had been told that it was only €45
She questioned the driver
And he told us that it was €45 per hour 
It was a bit disappointing as the hotel had told us it was €45 for the whole thing 
So we just had to suck it up

After the tour
We headed in to town 
And had lunch in Pizza Express
I didn't have anything 
As pizza is a huge fear food
So I went and had a look at the shops 
I saw a nice pair of trousers in Fat Face
So I bought them
And my sister bought a pair of trainers
By then it was evening 
So we decided to hit the road 
It was a three hour drive
But well worth it
Belfast is really a vibrant city
And the people are super friendly and helpful
(Apart from the cab driver than ripped us off)
So a good time was had by all
It's hard to tell if my nephew enjoyed himself
But I think he did
I hope he did 

Here are some photos from the trip.....

Outside the Titanic Centre

Titanic Centre

The Nomadic Ship

The huge Titanic Sign

From the window

Mocktails darling!

Heading Home

Our hotel

The view from Stormant

We are family!


  1. Actually we were forced to read a fiction book called Twelfth of July at school chronicling events in Northern Ireland in the 70s.

    Being an Aussie it was all Greek to me but anyway a lot of my knowledge comes from that book!! Ha ha.

    I can tell you're needing some alone time!!

    Glad it's going OK though.

    xoxo shelby

    1. Yes it has a very troubled past
      And it used to be a no go area
      But now more and more people are visiting so that is great
      Even though it's the same country
      It feels like a different one altogether

      Is it that obvious that I need alone time?
      Today I'm looking forward to sleeping and spending time with my dogs
      Missed them so much

      It's good to be back Shelby
      Hope you are doing ok?
      Do let me know..... X

    2. I'm OK ruby thank you! I'm sick with the flu but I'm feeling much brighter/normal self again. Im back onto my motivational DVDs and cooking a bloody nice meal. plan to be exercising and making social plans again tomorrow. So yeah, nearly "normal" again. I have to fix this though. I can't let one small event put me out of action for a week and a half!!Even brushing my hair was hard work!! Depressing depression! X

    3. Sorry to hear you are sick
      Plenty of fluids and keep warm
      But glad you are feeling better generally
      Sometimes the only thing we can do
      Is out one foot in front of the other and keep going
      Although sometimes even that seems like an impossible task

      Hope you have someone to give you a hand while you are ill

      Stay as well as you can x

  2. Very cool! Love the photos. It's a shame about the driver, but oh well. Enjoy some down-time at home!


    1. It was a shame
      My sister was quite annoyed about it and complained at the hotel as they had organised it
      But all she got was an apology
      We let it go though
      These things happen I guess x

  3. sorry to hear about the Nando's debacle. truth be told, i've had Nando's and i generally like it though i am absolutely allergic to any kind of spiciness. i genuinely just order some form of roasted chicken and be done with it. everything else i've tried from them is a

    yet i know people that swear by it?! it's strange.

    aye, the driver debacle would be enough to seriously piss my family off. if i had to pay, then i'd just shove that 90 up the hotel's arse.

    as always i am reminded by how absolutely adorable and lively you look/are and i'm just absolutely in love with it. i find you a very likeable person, Ruby.

    to note as well, i want to tell that i hope that you conquer your fear of pizza. pizza is too heavenly to deprive yourself of!

    -Sam Lupin

    1. I love pizza Sam
      But I always avoid it
      Maybe I need to start small
      And have maybe one slice
      I was just a bit overwhelmed in the restaurant as everyone got a whole pizza to themselves

      Yes Nandos really put me off
      In fact I don't think I like chicken at all
      I used to
      But not any more

      Aw shucks thanks Sam
      You are also a most likeable person
      You are an absolute sweetheart x

  4. Looks like you all had fun and even if you didn't enjoy Nandos. Love the photos. It's a pity we don't have anything like this in Aus. You wouldn't get me away from the place.
    Rest well and take care dear xx

    1. Thanks Anne
      Yes a good time was had by all
      I hope my nephew enjoyed it too
      I think he did x

  5. How annoying of the driver to charge so much for the tour. I hope you enjoyed it nevertheless. Your photos are great it looks like you're having a good time of yourself. I love the Titanic photos, how great are they?! Much love x

  6. Looks and sounded fun!! You have a lovely family and I am so envious that your family is close and cordial with one another! Also very jealous of your weather lol. Count your blessings Ruby, you deserve every one:)))

    1. I also think it's great ruby's family is so close. I'm not from a close family at all! But I like to hear about others.


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