Thursday, 27 August 2015

Hole in one...

So my piercing and I are slowly but surely getting used to each other
When I woke up this morning
And remembered that I had it done
I jumped out of bed to examine it in the mirror
The redness has now gone down
And I like it even more than I did yesterday
My Mum can barely look at it
And is pretty horrified that I got it done

Yesterday was a really cool experience
Going to Zombie Dolls
Meeting Terry 
Getting the piercing done
I'm so glad that Terry was straight up with me
And to me that the labret piercing wouldn't work
And didn't let me go ahead and do something that would later cause me problems 
I really liked Terry 
It was like she had no filter between her brain and her mouth
And I love that!

Now I definitely want to get more done
Maybe a few in different parts of my ear
My belly button
My tongue 
Eek I can't imagine how painful that would be 
Yesterday the pain was intense 
And my instinct was to pull her hands away
Thankfully it didn't last though
And I lived to tell the tale

Here are some photos of it today...


  1. Really suits you rubs! When I got mine done I had to lie on my hands so that clients don't push their hands away haha. Now you've got the bug ;)

    1. I have Hun
      Can't wait to get the next one done x

  2. it suits you ruby! love jo x

  3. You're cute. And I like it
    It suits you.

    But honestly ...don't take it wrong...but don't do anything that will make you look rough.

    And keep in mind you may want some future
    employment. I had to take stuff off and cover stuff in my role. And truly as time has passed (30 next year) I've had to look a lot more "take charge". Not saying it applies everywhere but keep your options open.

    Xoxo Shelby

    1. This is true Shelby
      I don't think I'll be getting anything too drastic though
      A nose ring is about the height of it for me

      Thanks for pointing it out though x

  4. The tongue was the easiest of my piercings. It swelled up something fierce, though!

    1. Really?
      I would have thought that the tongue was the most painful
      Or is it different for different people?
      What else have you got pierced? X

  5. I really really like that one you . The ring is simple but such a nice touch. Love it. You're beautiful.

    1. Yes I love the ring too
      It's subtle and understated
      Can't wait for my next one.... X

    2. Yes I love the ring too
      It's subtle and understated
      Can't wait for my next one.... X

  6. Mum will come around, I'm sure. A little story: my mum was horrified when I first started getting piercings. Couldn't look at them, couldn't even consider coming with me while I got one done... But some years ago, I got her a cartilage ear piercing with a little gold stud for her birthday (she actually got a second one at one point for a fundraiser - alongside my brother and ex getting their eyebrows and ears done!). Next on the list is my 80-something year old great aunt, who is fascinated by my piercings.

    I'd be cautious about getting your tongue done at this stage. I was just thinking last night, it's potentially a good thing the labret wouldn't have worked. Even with the best maintenance and cleaning in the world, I don't know how an oral piercing would hold up against the purging.


    1. That occurred to me too Bella
      Maybe it was a blessing g in disguise that I couldn't get it done
      I am thinking about getting my septum done next
      Do you have that done? X

  7. I love your phrase about "no filter between her brain and her mouth". I struggle so much with what model of filter is appropriate, and how to keep it clean!!
    Have a lovely day. Thank you for the beautiful, fun pictures.

  8. He he
    I have that problem too!

    And your welcome x

  9. Very nice!! Haha my mum is the same; she's learned to cope with the tattoos, but she can't look at piercings.

    You've got me reconsidering getting the industrial now......

  10. Haha! I got my nose done last year. Took it out a few weeks ago though because I felt it didn't suit me. I started going down the tattoos/ piercing route in the last couple of years because I really feel I missed out on it when I was younger (I'm 25 now, so I know I'm younger than you I know, but I still lost half my 20s!)

    I think it suits you!

    Just catching up with some blog reading. Apologies for crapness!



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