Wednesday, 26 August 2015

P Day

Today was the day
The day I get my piercing done
For my birthday
My birthday gift to myself 

My sister and I set off early this morning
The studios name is Zombie Dolls
And is about half an hour from my house
From the start
I had butterflies in my tummy
I like to think that I have a high pain threshold
Having been through many many dental surgeries
And sticking many needles in to myself over the course of my addiction
I like to think I'm a tough cookie in that respect

We arrived in town
And parked 
It took us a while to actually find the place
But we did 
The place itself was so cool
All black
With black and white paintings on the walls
There was a young girl on reception 
She told us to take a seat
And Terry would be out to see us shortly
Terry being the piercer
A couple of minutes later
She came to greet us
A really pretty girl
About forty I would guess
With strawberry blonde hair 
And covered in tattoos 
I liked her immediately
And the place
These places  can be intimidating
But this place had a lovely atmosphere
And a nice vibe

I told Terry that I wanted to get my labret done
Which is just below the bottom lip
She took a look at my labret and gums
And said that it wouldn't really work as my lip was so low it wouldn't be seen
And it would also effect my gums
I was really disappointed that I couldn't get it done
But Terry suggested that I get the bit of skin between my nose and my upper lip done
I wasn't too keen on this 
Then my sister suggested that I get my nose done
I liked that idea 
And decided to go for it
I wasn't leaving that place until I had something pierced!

I sat up on the table
And Terry prepared her tools
I decided to go for a small ring
Instead of a stud
She assured me that it wasn't too painful
And that it would all be over in a split second 
Then she did it 
She pierced my nose
And holy hell people
It didn't half hurt!
My gut reaction was to pull her hands away from me 
But thankfully the pain didn't last
And it was all over before I knew it

Terry secured the ring in my nose 
And I went to the mirror to have a look
I love it!
It's subtle 
Just what I was looking for
Terry suggested that I don't get any more piercings on my face
As my face is 'too soft'
And suggested that I go to town on my ears
One thing is for sure 
I will definitely be back for more
I've been bitten by the bug

Terry herself was amazing
She talked non stop for the whole time we were there
At one point she noticed my psoriasis
And have me the number of a homeopath who works wonders
She told us how she used to suffer with depression
And how she tried everything
Including medication
But nothing helped until she went to this man
It was funny
It was like she knew that we were struggling with some of the same issues she was 
It was like she sensed it somehow
You know how they say people can recognise their own traits in others
Well that was what it was like

I was so relieved when the whole thing was over
And do delighted that I had gone through with it
My sister was snapping away on my phone the whole way through
A picture paints a thousand words....


  1. Eek you did it! That's evidence she's good because she will tell you straight up if you should or shouldn't get something. The nose hurts man! I did not enjoy any of them. You were such a bad ass and it looks great!

    1. I did Eve!
      And I am so glad to get it done
      And yes
      I think Terry was really good and professional
      And she swore like a sailor
      Which was funny

      It was sore though
      Holy shit was it sore
      Worth every second though x

  2. Too bad about the lip rubs. But the nose really suits you. Did she use a gun or a needle? I had a needle twice. If it hurt the first time DONT get it done again (not on the same side at least) it's about double as painful lol. Piercers over (well most...the good ones) don't pierce with rings they use studs because apparently they are better for healing and after 8wks or something you can go nuts changing the bastard. I've had mine since I was 14 (I'm nearly 20) and NEVER changed it once except for when it's fallen out. Being half asleep trying to screw in the corkscrew studs omg ugh it's a task and a half sure to wake you up at 2am lol.

    1. It was a shame
      And I was really disappointed
      It just wasn't meant to be

      She used a needle
      And she put a ring on it
      Instead of a stud

      I already want to get another one done..... X

    2. I'm gonna say my second one was not as painful as my first hole, but that could be because I was intoxicated lol. The septum though, Lord help me. Also, never use a corkscrew. Dear God those are awful. So much pain and annoyance to get it in and out even in a healed piercing. Go to Gorgeous implant grade titanium stuff. Only things i use in all of my piercings and you can get fancy. My nostrils are turquoise and red coral and my septum is Swarovski Crystal. :)

    3. Man my phone corrected it.. Anatometal

  3. Omg, the PAIN! I remember my nose and ear piercings very well... After my third ear piercing I decided no more. Then I pierced my tongue and lip, but that didn't hurt at all. I also want more!

    1. I guess it's a bit like childbirth
      You forget the pain
      Because you have something really cool to show for it
      I would love to see your piercings
      I am getting well in to it
      Next I'm going to start on my ears x

  4. Happy birthday!
    I love to see you doing things that make you happy. <3

    1. Thank you!
      My birthday isn't for a couple of weeks
      But ever impatient as I am
      I wanted to get it done now

      So lovely of you to say x

  5. I can seriously feel your pain. I could never do that.

    / Avy

  6. I can't lie
    The pain was intense
    But it didn't last
    And it won't put me off getting more done x

  7. Goodness, you could go through it. Its sort of a traditional thing here, but I couldn't ever afford it, can't do it in the future ahead. Takes balls.
    It looks great on you.


  8. Aww such a shame about your lips not being able to be done, but fantastic that the piercer was so honest with you that it couldn't be done. The look on your poor face when you were getting pierced, aww I just wanted to reach out and hold your hand! I didn't actually feel too much pain at all when I got my nose pierced. I thought at least my eyes would water but no, nothing! I've got quite a few piercings, they get addictive and I'm already planning my next one (tragus). You look great with the ring. They don't suit me at all but you're looking fantastic! Xx

    1. I know Annie
      It was a shame
      But I guess it wasn't supposed to happen
      And I am ok with that

      I really feel like I've been bitten by the piercing bug
      And am already planning my next one x

  9. Woo hoo! Looks great Ruby! It's a shame about your lip but like Eve said, it's a good sign that she gave you up front advice. Any ideas for what you'll get next?


    1. I'm thinking of getting some on my ears done Bella
      I have a few piercings in my ears
      But would like to get more
      Holy heck
      I think I have a new addiction x

  10. Ohmygosh Ruby that looks great! I got my rook pierced a while back and I totally understand what you said about wanting more piercings.

    1. Thank you
      I know
      I can't wait to get more x

  11. Replies
    1. I'm so glad she was straight up with me Shelby
      I really appreciate honesty x

  12. But GOSH you're too cute

    EUIE, I'm such a ginormous GIT that I commented on the wr post !! >.>

    Rubly, Darling, please go bk to YESTERDAY'S for my 8 pence' worth-- I'm too thoroughly knackered to transcribe/do rewrite!! Just remember ev'rythg is written from a 'today' [26\08] viewpoint!
    <3 jils

    1. Thanks Jils
      I will go back and read yesterday's comments

      Hope you are well c


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