Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Piercing

I rang the piercing studio today
It's called Zombie Dolls
I plan to go there tomorrow
It's about a half hour drive
And my sister is going to come with me
My Mother is horrified that I am getting it done 
But I'm hoping she'll come around 

I have to admit
I am both nervous and excited
I asked the girl how painful it is to get just below the lip pierced
She didn't lie
And told me it would hurt
Albeit for just a split second
She told me they its all over very quickly
Iike to think that I have a high pain threshold
I guess I'll find out tomorrow 

I'm thinking that it can't be any worse than the dentist 
I've sat through many an hour in the dentists chair over the last 12 months
So I'm hoping that this will be nothing like that 

I've actually wanted to get this done for years
But never got around to it
I'm hoping it will all be ok
And that I will like it 
It is a piercing
And if I don't like it
I can remove it with relative ease

With all that said
I was wondering about you
Did you find your piercings painful?
Have you had the one that I am getting done?
Just below my lower lip
Did you find it very painful?
Have you any tips or tricks to look after it?
Inquiring minds want to know....


  1. Hey Ruby

    Just reading through your last three posts... and wondering... whether the piercing is a little bit of a way that maybe... just maybe... could be a kind of self harm thing...
    Only, I know that years back, when I was feeling like I just wnted to isolate myself, and depression mingled with bad anxiety, I had a few piercings... It felt almost like #acceptable self harm'
    Not saying it is...
    but just wondered.


    1. Hey Firefly,

      I appreciate your concern and thank you
      But I don't think this is a self harm thing
      I've wanted to get this done for a long time
      And I'm actually dreading the pain
      It really is just about the aesthetics and nothing more
      I don't have a history of self harm
      So you don't have to worry about that
      But I can see where you are coming from
      There are things I need to sort out in my life
      And hopefully I can do that in time

      Thank you though x

    2. No prob Ruby!

      Just checking with you!

      Hope it goes okay if you go through with it and that it doesn't hurt too much!

      Sending love

      ff (Was WS)

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  3. Take a photo when you get it done!! (after swelling goes down of course...)

    I'd love to get an industrial piercing in my ear (the bar across the top), but I'm too scared. Don't know what it is about piercings that freaks me out when I'm ok with tattoos.... Didn't get my ears done until I was like 25, and even then I nearly passed out. With my 15 year old sister there holding my hand and making fun of me. :/

    And yes, that is me on the right in the pics.

    good luck xoxo!!

    1. I will of course document the whole thing
      And post lots of photos

      I think I'm a bit late to the whole piercing and tattoo craze
      I just really want to get this done
      Who knows
      I might not even like it
      I guess we'll see tomorrow x

  4. I don't have the piercing your getting. But I've had my nose done twice my belly once and my ears countless. So my belly didn't hurt one eye ota my nose didn't hurt the first time the second time it was like a sharp jab and then nothing my ears however my god no! I think the difference I prefer is the needle over the gun. Good luck! Can't wait to see some pictures ☺️ Xx

    1. Thanks my dear
      I will take lots of photos for sure
      Am super excited! X

  5. only had ears pierced had 3 in each ear and one cartilage one at the top, only really wear that one all the time now,can't be bothered and don't have many earrings that match! did the first ones myself when i was young, but only hurt when i got them redone. cartilage didn't hurt at all at the time, but i can't lie on it. think sometimes if you really want something the pain is less,so don't worry.jo xx

    1. I'm not too worried about the pain Jo
      The lady said it is very quick
      And I'm assuming that she is an expert
      I just wish it was all over and done with you know? X

  6. Good luck! I find taking a long, deep breath when the needle pierces helps. Also, hands to hold! My poor family and friends have had their hands crushed during piercings :P My last nipple piercing is the only one I've gotten without a hand to hold.
    I'm a total wuss with pain though. It's fun watching the CCTV to see waiting customers' reactions when I scream, then looking at me in horror when I emerge.
    Honestly, my lip was the most painful, but mine goes entirely through the actual lip, not the labret. Labrets usually aren't that painful from what I've heard, no more so than an ear lobe.

    Keep us updated! <3

    1. Thanks Bella
      Yes my sister is coming for moral support tomorrow
      I can't lie
      I am a bit nervous
      But very excited too
      It's something that I've wanted done for so long
      And now it's happening

      What is the labret?
      Is that the skin between the lip and your chin?

      I will of course keep you updated x

  7. I don't have a lip, but I do have dermals which really hurt. That's all skin. My piercer has always recommended that you make a sea salt solution. You take warm water and mix sea salt in and you put it in a shot glass and put it over your piercing and let it set for a minute or two. It doesn't burn and it keeps it clean and helps the healing process. Swear by it.

  8. God, a subject i don't know much about. piercings. i had to look up at Bella's comment because she definitely knows more.

    "My Mother is horrified that I am getting it done" sounds just about right.

    i cannot stand pain at all. i think i have the lowest pain tolerance imaginable. i can count the number of times i wanted to sew off a limb just because it hurt a little.

    i am aware though that you have to take care of piercings well to decrease the chance of infections? though i am not sure who i heard this from. i myself only have my ears pierced.

    -Sam Lupin

  9. Hi, Rubly,
    Been away a bit as I lost my phone; just getting it bk today.

    That looked SOO painful, especially the pic w/your fists balled up & your head bk--i cringed for you!! I was really hoping the NEXT photo didn't sho you having punched the poor lass & her eye blackened/swelling shut-!! (•_×) = her following Rubly's 'cosmetic surgery'…

    Incidentally, gd on her bein' so forthcoming that what you orig wanted would not wk properly; a lesser person woulda just done it AW & grabbed the £s.

    →OHG, you look so beautifully B-A !!!!!← : 0 I can't even… WoW. Not to be mean, but I'm almost GLAD the other was a no-go; this suits you SO WELL-!!! [well done, Sissy :D]

    'appy Birfday early, Mate !! I kno it's not til the 07e. This is probably gd timing as you'll possibly be fully healed-up by the actual big day…-??

    loving you lots; <3 Jils

    PS it's also My birfdé today--6 years purge-free by HIS Grace

    1. Oh, that was imprecise-- I was meaning Your cosmetic surgery on Her (eye)…-!!! the thgs I thk don't always translate, (ESPECIALLY, when I'm all in!)


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