Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Puppy Love....

Me and my two best girls
Honey and Lea
Who keep me going when I think I can't go on
Who greet me as though they haven't seen me in years every time I walk in to the kitchen 
Who sit by side 
Lie at my feet
Walk with me every morning
Who are never more than a few feet from my side 
I'm telling you 
Dogs are the best medicine I've ever had
Better than any drug
Any anti depressant
Any upper or downer
And sedative
Or sleeping tablet
If you want to improve your health
Physical and mental
Get a dog 
Or a cat 
Or a ferret
Or a hamster 
Something that you have to look after apart from yourself 
I promise you
What you give 
You will get back one hundred fold

They say in recovery 
That in order to understand responsibility
You should first get a plant
Keep it for a year 
And if that is successful
Get a dog
If that works out
You are then ready for a relationship

I can't begin to tell you how having two dogs has helped me 
They take me out of myself 
They remind me to keep life simple
To value what matters 
To be kind 
And loyal

Do you remember 18 months ago
When I went in to treatment for the umpteenth time 
My poor Lea fell in to a depression
And her fur began to fall out 
It continued until she had a huge bald patch on her back 
It wasn't until I came home
And began to recover myself
That Lea began to recover too
I find that utterly amazing 
That my illness effected her so much 
And manifested in a physical way

So yes 
My two buddies
My best friends 
My constant companions 
Ever by my side
I can only hope they live for another few years
As I would be truly lost without them 


  1. i agree, dogs are the best.lovely pics .jo x

    1. They truly are Jo
      The are the best thing in my life

      Got your text the other day
      Hope all ok?
      Do let me know x

    2. yes ok thanks,horrendous rain though, getting cabin fever! x

    3. Same here Jo
      So much for summer!

      Stay warm and well x

  2. Someone needs to invent some super vitamin supplement for pets that makes them live as long as we do.

    My kitties have saved my life more than once. And they probably make me laugh more than anything else does.

    Your dogs are so cute!! The little one looks like she's still a puppy.

    1. She does Mich
      And would you believe that she is ten years old!
      That's 70 in dog years
      I can't think about then dying
      It's more than painful
      So I will do my best to keep them fit and heAlthy
      And as well as can be x

  3. Very true. I don't know where I'd be without Billy and Misty.
    I love that Honey still looks like a puppy. Silky was the same. Even when Billy was a wee pup and she was a good 6 years older, everyone thought she was the puppy and Billy was the old man :)

    Popping a card in the post for you tomorrow <3

    1. Aw thanks Hun
      That's something to look forward to
      Thank you so much x


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