Sunday, 27 September 2015

Sights and sounds of Turkey...

My oh my, we have been busy little bees today
We got an early start
And were out of the hotel
Washed, dressed and fed
Before 9am
We got the Tunel Funicular to the Kurokoy tram stop
And from there to Sultanahmet 
First stop was Topkapi Palace
Which was the former home of the sultans
Where we queued for an hour
But we did get to see an 86 carat diamond at the end of it
Was it worth the wait?
Mmmmm not quite sure

Next stop
Hagia Sophia
Which is one of the worlds greatest architectural monuments 
We wandered around for quite a while in there
It was so nice to go inside 
And feel the cool breeze
As the day was so very hot

We then went to the Basilica Cistern
Which is a vast underground water system
Built by the Romans in 532
It was really impressive
Below ground 
And held up by 336 columns
It was so dark
The only light from a few lamps
Lighting up the water
And the huge fish in there

Enough with the words
And on to the photos....


  1. Looks like a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing those pictures. Wow, what a gorgeous place.

    I love your outfit. Are those pants linen? They look cool and comfy.

    That last picture of you is my favorite pic ever. It looks like you were about to say something snarky. What was on your mind?

    I hope you enjoyed your down time yesterday.

  2. lovely pics xx (Jo)


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