Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Lea and Honey are now ten years old
In fact Honey is a little older than Lea
Lately I've really noticed their age
We used to do an hours walk no problem
But now Honey struggles to keep up
Especially if we are on a hill
I was out with them yesterday 
Down the back roads behind my house
I stopped to talk to one of the dogs in one of the houses down there
And Lea just panned out on the ground 
So I guess I need to shorten their walks now
In dog years 
They are 70 years old
So they are elderly for dogs
You can see it in Leas face
She looks old 
Honey however
It will take more than old age to stop her

I thought I would share some photos with you of our walk this morning
As you will see 
Lea is loyal to the bitter end 
And never far from my side 
Honey on the other hand 
Will go with anyone who gives her food 
It shows her the slightest bit of affection 
Here they are...


  1. always love to see your pics of your favourite girls xx jo

    1. Aw thanks Jo Jo
      They are my best girls

      How are you today? X

    2. im ok thanks, having a day off! x

    3. Great!
      Relax and take it easy
      God knows you deserve a break
      Email me if you need to x

  2. Awww Honey and cute

  3. Awww Honey and cute

    1. Just replying to your response on my last post
      I know you weren't implying that I was a special snowflake
      Sorry if there was a misunderstanding
      Didn't mean it to sound that way
      We ok? X

    2. Of course! For the record i think you're quite tough.


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