Thursday, 17 December 2015

Day 5 in hospital

Yesterday I was feeling so much better
Still had pain 
But I could bear it without pain relief 
I was preparing for another foodless day
When my doctor came in to the ward to do his rounds
I swear he barely stays a second at my bed
He starts talking as he's walking towards the bed 
And barely even stops 
Before zoom....
He's gone again
He gave me the good news that I could eat a little yesterday 
I was over the freakin' moon
I mean I got so excited at the prospect of a cup of proper  tea and some toast slathered in butter 
Breakfast was over so the student nurse went and got me said items
I made the tea and tasted it
It was hot and sweet
And when down my throat like honey
Then buttered the toast
It was a little cold 
But I didn't care 
It was still the most delicious thing
I'm on a low fat diet
As apparently fat agrevates the pancreas
That's going to go well....

The afternoon went by in a blur
I had been awake since 4 30am
So by the time I took my meds 
I was starting to nod 
It was funny because all my room mates were telling me to lie down
Then my sister rang me
And I fell asleep 
And dropped the phone in the middle of the conversation
I woke up again
All I could here was 'Hello? Hello?'
I didn't know where the voice was coming from 
And then realised it was my phone
Very funny

My Dad came in the afternoon
And we sat in the day room 
He is taking this admission very seriously 
And gave me quite the serious lecture about changing my ways 
My food 
My daily routine 
The whole kit and kubudle
I know
I don't need to be told 
Some things gotta give
And it did 

At lunch time I had a ham sandwich and tea 
As hospital sandwiches go
It was decent enough
Enough so for me to wolf it down
By this stage I was off my drip
And thank God 
Because it was such hassle bringing it with me everywhere I went
The doctor also said that I might get home today or tomorrow
Which was super duper news
It's Thursday morning now
And I am just waiting for my doctor to come around 
I guess it will depend on my bloods
And how high the amylase in my blood is 
It has been coming down since yesterday 
So I am hoping for some good results

Hospital stays are not that enjoyable
Especially if you are really ill and in pain
The thing that eases that discomfort are the positivity and kindness of the nurses
And the generosity of the other ladies in the ward with me
Anyone who has been in my room has been lovely 
And we all look after each other 
Which is nice 

I will update again later 
To let you know if I get home or not 
I mean time 
I hope you are enjoying the run up to the holidays
It doesn't feel much like Christmas in here at all
Cross your fingers that I get home.....


  1. I'm glad you didn't tear your oesophagus. I hope you're ok really...doesn't sound that great.

    Pancreatitis can also be fear of rejection.

    I don't know where you're at spiritually but i believe God can heal you. Sometimes i think church is better than meetings.

    I'm still dead worried.

    Shelby x

    1. Don't worry Shelby
      I will be ok
      I just found out that I am being discharged today
      So that is good news
      I just have to start taking better care of myself
      My diet
      My meds
      It all has to stop

      But don't worry please
      I will be ok x

  2. Great to hear you're being discharged! I've been worrying about you, hoping to hear you're on the improve. I hope it gives you the shock you need to start taking care of yourself the way you deserve.

    Lots of love <3

    1. Thanks Bells
      I hope you are doing ok
      You are very quiet lately? Xx

  3. Hi Ruby so sorry to hear you've been ill but glad you're doing better. Haven't read your blog in months because I've really been struggling and just haven't wanted to read anything ED related- please don't take it personally. But I found myself clicking on your blog today and wanting to catch up on what has been going on with you and I'm glad I did. Reading about your ups and downs always makes me feel less alone in this struggle and even if a post isn't especially hopeful I'm always glad I read it. The loneliness of this disease is one of the worst parts. So cheers to you my dear and best wishes for continued recovery from this recent bout of illness. Keep fighting the good fight. Xxoo

    1. Hello Sarah,
      So lovely to hear from you!
      I am so sorry that things Are tough for you right now
      I hope 2016 is a better year for you
      Do keep in touch
      And take care of yourself x

  4. Its great that you are getting better!Hope you get discharged soon and have a joyous Christmas at home.lots of love.

  5. Its great that you are getting better!Hope you get discharged soon and have a joyous Christmas at home.lots of love.

    1. Thank you Pia
      I am home now and it's utter bliss!

      Wishing you and yours a happy and peaceful Christmas x


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