Monday, 14 December 2015

The witching hour

It's early Tuesday morning here in hospital 
Before 5am
All the patients on my ward are sleeping soundly 
Making various different noises and grunts and groans 
One woman they have to move out of the ward at night 
As she is so very noisy
It's quiet though
All I can hear are the voices of the nurses in the distance
And the squeak of their sensible shoes on the tiled  corridor
Today is my third day in hospital
Yesterday was busy. 
I had an ultra sound scanin the morning 
In which they could see my pancreas was inflamed
Then I had an endoscopy done 
You know the one where the sedate you and send a little camera down your throat 
And have a look stout stomach and stomach lining 
By the time I got back to the ward. 
My parents were waiting for me in the day room
But I was still a bit out of it 
and couldn't even hold a conversation  with them 
At some stage  
I rang my sister 
 And just babbled down the phone To her  like a crazy person

The unfortunate thing is 
That I've been fasting since I came in 
Which means I have eaten since Saturday 
I am more than ready for some food
But part of the treatment for pancreatitis
Is to fast 
I swear I would give my left arm for tea and toast right now
My pain has changed more than lessened 
It now feels like a severe pulled muscle in my stomach
You know the kind where it's hard to move or get comfortable 
But I feel better
Not so much pain
Or at least it's pain I can bear

Edit: just saw my doctor this morning
My bloods are still bad 
And are in fact getting worse 
He asked me if I drink
As it's usually alcoholics that get pancreatitis
So I am still fasting 
This is day 4 with no food
But there is good news 
I'm allowed to have a cup of tea today!
And you know how much I love my tea...
It's the little things...

I must tell you about the staff here 
They really are lovely 
Some of them actually remembered me from last time which is nice
A nurses job is not easy 
They are being pulled in every direction
But they do their job with a smile 
And that makes all the difference 

That's all from me today 
I'm off to get my meds 
And try to get well

Take care my dear friends 


  1. At least you are being watched over. I am terribly worried about you, so hang in there!

    1. I will CP
      And hope to make s full recovery
      Please don't worry about me
      I will be fine
      I'm so blessed to have a wonderfully
      Supportive family around me
      I would not get through all this without then

      Take care Hun and stay in touch
      By the way
      I popped a card in the post for you
      At the weekend
      So you should get it soon x

  2. I'm glad things are going a little better; at least they know what the problem is. To be honest, I was not surprised when I read the last post after reading about your weight loss and the increase in purging. I hope you're feeling better, and I hope you can use this experience as a sort of wake up call to jump start your continuing recovery. <3 keeping you in my prayers!

    Posted your Christmas card today. Hope you're home when it arrives. xoxo

  3. Thanks Mich
    Yes slowly but surely getting well
    I just can't wait to go home

    Oh yay can't wait to get your card
    I posted yours on Friday
    Hope you get it soon! X

  4. Dearest Rubly,
    I'm sorry you've been so unwell!!
    I hate that you hafta be in hospital, but yet-&-still count it a great BLESSING that they are able to take care of you-!!

    I was so scared reading of you so ill & struggling to reach home!!! D:
    Dear. Father. G-D.
    You musta been beside-yourself Terrified :(
    I don't kno what to say.

    →PLEASE use this time to Truly consider what is most important--your Very LIFE← ; )

    Hope you're fully on the mend soon-!!

    <3 & lotsa (GENTLE[but ♥felt-!])((Huggles)); Jils
    PS: I lurv you, Rubly…
    P R A Y I N G
    PS2: 'YaY' TEA-!! ^_^

    1. Thanks Jils
      I am being well looked after here
      But still fasting which is killing me!
      I'm just praying they will let me eat something
      Otherwise I might have to eat my own foot!! X

    2. ; )

      shall hv my tea today in honour of you

  5. Keeping you in my prayers Ruby. I hope you are able to safely manage your pain and quickly get things under control. And I agree, nurses are angels on Earth.

    1. Thanks JJ
      I appreciate it
      And yes
      The nurses here are nothing short of amazing
      I feel so well liked after

      Hope you are well x

    2. Looked after I meant
      Silly auto correct x

  6. take care thinking of you lots love jo xxx

    1. P.S, hi Jo, not sure if you'll see this, but I replied to your comment on the Christmas Survival post from a few days ago <3

  7. I've been so worried about you my darling Ruby. You've never been far from my thoughts, I have been willing and willing for you to get better. What a time to fall ill, right before Christmas I hope you are better and well in time for some celebration. Sending you all my love and warmest cuddles. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks Annie
      You are such a kind soul
      I'm hoping and praying I get home for Christmas
      But at the moment it's not looking too good
      But I guess time will tell

      Thank you for your kind words
      They mean a lot x

  8. Oh Ruby :( You poor dear. How did I not see this yesterday?! Do they know how long they're expecting you to stay? I'm glad to know you've got your support network around you. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts. I'm not doing cards this year, but I'll try to put together a little care package for you for when you get home.

    Love you oodles and oodles <3


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