Tuesday, 26 January 2016


I've been keeping an eye on the post this week
Hoping to hear something from the job
I was convinced that I wouldn't even get an interview
But today I got a letter
Telling me that I've been short listed for the interview
Which is on Thursday at 3pm
You guys 
I am so excited 
So grateful to have the chance to make a case for myself in person 
Now I have some work to do before Thursday
I have to find an appropriate outfit
I'm thinking slacks, white shirt, blazer and small heeled shoes 
I'll sort that out later 
And will show you photos so you can give me some feedback
I also want to go over some questions that they are likely to ask
And maybe do some research about the charity and the place itself
This is huge for me though
I haven't done a job interview in years 
But any job I have ever gone for, I have been successful 
Granted I may be a little rusty now
But I will give it my best shot 
That's all I can do

With all that said 
I was wondering about you 
Do you have any tips for interview?
Do you think I should take out my nose ring?
What would you wear to an interview?
What do you think employers look for in a candidate?
Any thoughts greatly appreciated


  1. I gave you a bunch of my tips but I can add to the piercing and tattoo ones and I have a bunch and they are very noticeable. What I like to do is dress very business like and wear my some of my tattoos exposed and I keep my piercings in. I feel this gives me a chance to demonstrate that you can have them but still look professional. If they don't mention allowing them then I like to ask. Some places have made me put a band aid on my nose, which is funnier and more flashy than having piercings lol. I recently got a beautiful piece on my forearm but he made it stop before my wrist so I can put a sweater on and hide it if I can't have them at future jobs. I'm lucky because I work at a treatment center and they allow me to have them and the clients find me more relatable. I'm the or one in my graduate program that looks so, alternative (?). I don't care though. I want to show you can have these and it doesn't affect your performance. I also think your outfit sounds good. A navy blazer would look nice on you and the bold color is psychologically one that would have people take you seriously. Florals and fun designs are a no no I've heard. Make eye contact. Smile, but a real smile. But if this advice fails, refer back to my previous post's answer about what they look for. You'll kill it. I'm so excited for you!

    1. Yes Eve
      I remember you gave me a bunch of tips that were really helpful
      And I will look over then over the next couple of days
      Your tips are great
      And I also spoke to my family who between them have a lot of experience
      I've researched the charity
      And wrote out the answers to some typical interview questions

      As regards the nose ring
      I think I'm going to leave it in
      The day I called in to the job
      There was a girl there with a stud in her nose
      So I'm guessing it won't matter much

      Can't wait to tell you about the interview
      And thanks for you help
      It is much appreciated x

  2. That's great, congrats!!

    Some ED-related tips from my past experience.... When I worked for the temp agency years ago, I was turned away from a few jobs, and the lady that ran the agency said it was because they thought I looked sick and that they didn't want to risk me having to quit after going to the trouble of training me. I'd wear an outfit that doesn't show how thin you've gotten, and maybe try to use makeup to make you look nice and rosy-cheeked.

    Ask lots of questions. They'll take that as a genuine interest in the place and the job.

    Do you think they'll ask those super stupid interview questions? Like "What do you think is your biggest flaw/weakness/whatever?" I really hate those, but I was once hired for a job because I said my biggest weakness was OCD. Old Bossman took that to mean highly organized and efficient...

    Good luck!!

    1. Thanks for the tips Mich
      I'll hopefully try on some outfits tomorrow and get your thoughts
      I was going to wear black slacks and a blue shirt
      But now I'm thinking of wearing a dress x

  3. Oh blimey Ruby, well done!

    I have many tips for you - I worked at Waitrose from age 16-18, in a lab from 18-22, as a nanny from 22-23 and then in a research lab from 23-34, so I have plenty of tips for you. I have never in my life failed an interview and not got the job, so I hope I am in a good position to give you some advice.

    1. Do a little research about the position/company/organisation before you go. This way, you will not only look keen, but will be able to engage in their conversation better instead of just sitting there nodding.

    2. I would not, unless specifically asked, mention your mental health difficulties, addictions or past struggles. This will not be a popular comment with some readers, but there is no skirting around the fact that there is a stigma and yes, they can bang on about equal opportunities and all that, but they will want the strongest and healthiest candidate for the job. I am sure you would rather them assess you based on your suitability rather than your past.

    3. Always have a firm handshake.

    4. Questions you can expect to be asked include: What do you think you could bring to this role? What do you hope to get out of this role? What makes you think you are a suitable candidate? Tell us about a time when you have worked in a team. Tell us about a difficulty you have overcome (see my second point). Tell us your strengths/weaknesses. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

    5. I would not, and this might be an unpopular belief, wear a black suit. Most, if not all of the other candidates will be wearing the exact same thing, thus making none of them stand out from the crowd. In general, and again this may be an unpopular thing with some readers, women (if your interviewers are women) are interested in clothes, and something other than a black suit will go down well. Depending on how many people they are interviewing, they will not likely remember all of your names, and so when they are discussing you all after afterwards, they will most likely say "You know, the one in the stripy shirt", and they can't say this if you all wear black. I am not saying that you should rock up in jeans or a fuchsia gown, but a smart, knee-length navy blue shift dress would look nice, or if you must wear black trousers then maybe team it with a bright shirt instead of a white one.

    6. Always ask a question. I absolutely guarantee that they will ask you at the end whether you have any questions, and asking something is a hell of a lot better than saying "Nope". Even if you ask "Can I have a tour of the building?" or "When can I expect to find out the outcome of this interview?", it's better than nothing at all.

    7. First impressions count for everything and I don't care what anyone says. Have you ever noticed that, in general, you almost always revert back to your first impressions of someone? It might be a couple of days or a couple of years later, but people always go back to what they first thought of someone.

    8. If you do get a tour, then it will be part of the interview. The interviewers will ask at the end what the tour-giver thought of each candidate, so don't start slagging off the company or anything to them! They will also likely talk to the person on reception who welcomes you in about what they thought of you all, so just be formal, but yourself, at all times.

    If I think of anything else I will let you know!

    Louisa xxx

    1. Louisa you are awesome!
      These tips are excellent, thank you

      I was going to wear a black jacket and trousers
      But now I think I'll wear a dress
      Just to be a bit different
      And maybe they'll remember me and be able to identify me

      I've spent all day researching the charity
      And I spoke to someone who works in a similar role
      So all in all
      I am pumped for this interview
      Now if only I could control my nerves......

      Thank you! X

    2. I agree. I always bring up commitments like my grad program first but I also express an interest in the position I'm seeking. Personality is a huge thing so of you don't have a clothing item to distinguish you when you see other candidates make sure your personality does. Having interests that connect with the interviewers is huge. Like if they ask about interests and you say your dogs then they say they have a dog then you can build some rapport.

    3. Hmmm Eve I'm going to do that. Last interview i went to i had zero rapport with the main interviewer. He was a hard nut to crack though.

  4. RUBY!!!! this is such good news! well done, i'll be thinking of you!!!
    And btw Louisa here is a real star! i copied and saved her advice for myself!!

    1. Aw thanks Josefine!

      Louisa xxx

  5. Woo hoo! Go Ruby! I'll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you. This is so exciting, such a positive step. Your outfit choice sounds perfect, very smart and professional. I wouldn't take out your nose ring. It's very subtle, and unless it would pose a danger in the workplace, I think it'll be fine. That said, I've never had a job interview, but I agree with Eve - it'll show you can have it but still look professional.



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