Wednesday, 27 January 2016


My interview is tomorrow at 3pm
And all systems are go to prepare for it
I sat down with my sisters and mum yesterday evening 
And went over possible questions that I may be asked 
I jotted them all down
And I also researched the charity
So I will know if I am asked
It actually seems like a really great organisation
Founded here in Ireland in 1844
They are the largest voluntary organisation
Their main goal is to help individuals and families alleviate poverty
It's such a force for good
And is something I would love to be involved in
I also rang a guy I know 
Who works in the same area
He was a great help 
And gave me some insider knowledge 
As well as key buzz words that interviewers look for 
Last night 
I sorted out my outfit 
Louisa suggested that I not wear the typical interview uniform
Black blazer
Black slacks 
And a white shirt 
This is a safe bet 
But as Louisa pointed out 
Everyone will be wearing that 
And it might be good to wear something else 
Just so I stand out 
I have a navy blue dress I could wear 
But I will make a final decision later on today

My sister pointed out that interviewers want to see personality 
And I hope I come across friendly yet professional 
Capable and able 
With a can do attitude
I hope I can show that I work well on my own and can use my initiative 
But also work well as part of a team
And can take direction well
I want to show that I am a good all rounder 
My sister alwAys says
If you wAnt something done
Ask Ruby
Because I am quick and efficient 
And get the job done 
So if I could manage to get that in
That would be great
I guess I want to sell myself 
But not come across as arrogant or over confident
Balance me thinks 
If I can communicate that I am enthusiastic and motivated 
I minght just have a chance 
Now it's just a waiting game 
Keep going over my notes 
Keep hoping that  I do well
Keep fighting for a better life


  1. Good luck! Fingers crossed for you. Interviews can be SO nerve-wracking.

  2. You'll do great! And I agree with Louisa on the outfit. A brightly-coloured accessory would be good. Also being a little nervous is a good thing for interviews. My problem is I'm not nervous and apparently that makes me come off as snobby and aloof. Fingers crossed for you!

    1. Thank you Mich
      I really got some great advice from you and all the beautiful ladies here on blogger
      I'm pumped for this interview!! X

  3. The mock interview with your family was a really good idea. You've obviously done a lot of prep. Good luck! I can't wait to hear how it goes.


    1. Thanks Bells
      I do feel prepared
      So at least I have that going for me
      I'll post tomorrow afternoon to let you all know how it went x

  4. Think about the animals who died needlessly and painfully so that you could satisfy your desires. If that doesn't stop you from bingeing and purging, at least do it with vegan food, so that animals don't suffer and die for nothing.

    1. Oh wow. That's a new one!
      Five stars for effort, anon, but zero for eliciting any reaction.



  5. I think I've read comments on here from the vegan crusader before.

    If anything it's turning me off veganism :s

    Who the heck does stuff like that?

  6. I think you'll do great, because this job would suit you so well! You are such a caring person, and that is rare in our cold world.

  7. how you doing rubes?


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